A Look Back At The Wyoming Game

Boise State wide receiver Matt Miller (2) breaks Wyoming safety Chad Reese's (7) tackle Saturday night, Nov. 16, 2013 at Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho. Photo: Drew Nash, AP / Times-NewsIt was Miller time.

The D looked awesome. Yeah, I know, it was against Wyoming, but many of the things they did would have showed up against anyone. BSU is hitting more solid and closing in on the ball and runner much quicker than earlier in the season. They are maturing right before our eyes.

One thing I noticed that was not employed earlier this year was the sudden shift on the defensive line before the snap. I think this drives opponents crazy. In previous years I thought this was a hallmark in Bronco football, it made up for their lack of size. It’s good to see it back.

DeMarcus Lawrence was once again a beast. He even dropped off the rush and slid back into short coverage. There is an interception in his future and a possible run back, every D lineman’s dream.

Wyoming was held to less than 2 yards per carry. This is a team that averages over 5. Their longest run was 13 yards.

Loffler and Deayon both had picks.

Grant Hedrick again played another superb game. He had a fumble early on and an ill-advised attempted screen which was picked-off. Some of his throws are absolutely brilliant. This is the second game he’s tossed perfect touch passes over the head of taller D-backs into the hip pocket of the shorter Shane Williams-Rhodes.

Once again their were several drops by BSU receivers. They are just like a fumbles except the other team can’t recover them. On a third down situation they might as well be a fumble because the ball is then punted away.

Matt Miller had a colossal night, 7 catches for 143 yards and 3 touchdowns. And he does it so quietly.

It was impressive how BSU was able to move the ball easily while playing a backup backfield nearly the entire game.

Devon Demes, who we have not seen much of, was the Bronco’s leading rusher with 73 yards in 12 carries. Jay Ajayi was used sparingly as a starter, but managed 70 yards in 11 carries and 3 touchdowns. That brings him to 15 on the season. I see a day when he will pass for a touchdown out of the pistol. You heard it here first.

Shane Williams-Rhodes has developed into one of Boise’s, if not the Mountain West’s, most lethal and versatile offensive weapons. A few weeks ago Head Coach Chris Petersen said he would have to coach Williams-Rhodes not to dance around when there is no running room. Against Wyoming he ran through tackles, good coaching.

The Charles Leno hook and ladder was brilliant. I hope he gets another opportunity with more open field so we can see his moves.

It just looks to me like BSU is looking pretty good at quarterback. When Patti came in he looked confident and handled the ball well. The pitch-out to Bertoli was a bit off, but certainly catchable.

Speaking of Bertoli, I think he’s moving up the ladder. If he continues to improve the upcoming off-season as he did this past look for Petersen and Prince to find ways to use him.

No matter what happens from here, this season will go down as one of the best coached seasons in the Petersen era. Petersen and his staff have taken a lot of criticism, but when taking into consideration the quality players missing from the line-up or not playing at 100% it has been an incredible season. Hats off to incredible coaching.


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