Boise State Vs. Wyoming, Predicting The Score; Let There Be A Healing

Quiet, steady, and about to explode.

Matt Miller, quiet, steady, and about to explode.

Wyoming started with such great promise and quickly slid to mediocrity. Yet they are still a team that has promise and potential, but not against Boise State. 

The Bronco blue turf has become purple with bruises and has had a bye week to heal.
This should be a lopsided win for BSU. Jay Ajayi should easily go over 100 yards. Because of all the problems he has experienced in holding on to the ball he will have get all his yards in the first three quarters. Boise wants to be sure they hold on to the ball with a fourth quarter lead.
Likely, an improving and eager Grant Hedrick will take the field against Wyoming. He’s had a few weeks to become accustomed to his new role. It seems he has found a comfort zone with his receivers. He knows when  and where they are in given situations. He knows their strengths and weaknesses.
Hopefully the o-line is patched up enough to give some quality minutes free from anymore boo boos. One key will be to play to the strengths of the existing corps of linemen.
The defense will once again be challenged. Wyoming has an aggressive quarterback and decent running back (Brett Smith and Shaun Wick).  Boise did a good job on the MWC leading rusher Karpi Bibbs. There is little reason not to expect the same results against Wick.
Hopefully our d-backs will give Smith smaller windows in which to place the ball. Opposing receivers seem to be wide open often. The backs close quickly and hit aggressively, but it would sure be nice to see some more picks and batted down passes or better yet a d-line that doesn’t allow a qb time to even set up.
In spite of Boise’s youth on defense they are much, much better than Wyoming. They are close in offense, but Boise clearly has the edge.
Look for Wyoming to try the same game plan as Colorado State; keep Boise State’s offense off the field by consuming the clock and utilizing the run and a short passing game.
It won’t work.

My Predictions

Head: 40-23 BSU,
Heart: 55-14 BSU.

Previous Predictions

1.  Boise over UW 35-17 (Actual, 6-38 UW, hope springs eternal.)
2.  Boise over UT Martin 49-0 (Actual 63-14, got the spread.)
3.  Boise over Air Force 45-17 (Actual, 42-20, missed by a field goal on both ends.) 
4.  Boise over Fresno 45-30 (Actual 41-40 Fresno win, Frankly if the game were held any place, but Fresno…)
5.  Boise over Southern Miss 49-10 (Actual 60-7, Petersen purposely left the first team in too long to foil me and Demarcus Lawrence was off-sides on one of his blocked field goals [not really, I’m just a sore loser})
6.  Boise over Utah State 35-7 (Actual, 34-23, My original prediction was 52-7. I think if BSU would have played the second half without their foot on the brake that would have been more likely. Let’s be honest the game was not really that close.)
7. Boise over Nevada 52-10 (Actual, 34-17. If not for the Southwick injury Boise would have scored 50+ and Nevada would not have scored 17.)
8. Boise over BYU 38-21 (Actual, 37-20 BYU. BYU was simply too big and too strong. Boise turned the ball over 4 times.)
9.  Heart: 45-10 BSU, Head: 35-24 BSU (Actual, 42-30. My head was close on the spread. BSU D had a real lapse and the Broncos put the brakes on in the second half.)

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