Budapest And Bud Light

Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me

 Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

My wife and I still live under the illusion there are places to visit untouched by the commercialism of western culture. New Orléans, Hong Kong, New York, Las Vegas, London, and Paris would be nice to visit and my wife and me would certainly find them enjoyable, but it’s not our cup of tea. We like quiet vacations on the coast of Maine.
We had heard Budapest would be a place for us. It was said to be a bit behind other cities and retained much of its old world charm. The west had not invaded or totally taken over.
We were eager for our visit. We envisioned quiet streets and walks along the Danube River. We could hardly wait to sit and chat at sidewalk cafes as we watched trolleys clickety-click by and boats slowly follow the current of the Danube. We almost heard to stings of a violin being drawn by the bow of a seasoned street musician.
After leaving our plane and walking through a thoroughly modern airport we boarded a bus for the city of Budapest.
As we approached the city we saw a billboard advertising a ZZ Top concert. The bus left us off at a fine hotel overlooking the Danube and the famous Chain Bridge, but on the first floor was a casino. We dined at a small restaurant that served Bud Light.
We arrived a decade or so too late.

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      • Yeah, but ‘She’s got Legs, she knows how to move them.” That was playing about the time we hit Buda-Pest in the mid-eighties. Got frisked at the airport, my first experience. Still the city was gorgeous, but the zoo really alarmed me. Even the people seemed hungry. Can’t remember what I drank. Perhaps I was ‘sadder but wiser.’ ZZ Top will live forever!

  1. Western commercialism or not, New York City is definitely worth a visit,just avoid Times Square which is perhaps the most commercialized part of town: but SoHo, the Village, the Meat Packing District, Chelsea, the HIgh Line park, are worth checking out in my home town.

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