Boise State Over Colorado State; Lightning Strikes Fast

Hedrick strikes.

Hedrick strikes.

It looks like the head was closer than the heart predicting the score to this game; My head: 35-24, My heart: 45-10.

Colorado State’s plan to beat Boise was to create long drives sustained by a short slant passing game. They planned to aim for the Achilles tendon of Boise, a young, inexperienced, and undersized secondary. They wanted to keep the Boise State offense off the field thus their defense on the field. The plan nearly worked. Their time of possession was insane, 40 minutes compared to Boise’s 20 minutes.

(In 20 minutes of possession Grant Hedrick and company put up 42 points, now that’s insane. He is lightning the bottle.)

The good thing; although Kapri Bibbs scored three touchdowns he was held to 2.8 yards per carry, less than half his season average. Colorado State as a team was held below its per carry average.

The bad thing; a marginal quarterback put up nearly 400 yards.

Boise’s first play from scrimmage was like watching a bad movie for the fourth or fifth time or worse yet your mother-in-law showing up at the front door with bags in hand. A fumble on the exchange from Hedrick to Ajayi greeted us. Hearts sunk. It’s hard for me to tell, but I think the fumble was Hedrick’s, but Ajayi didn’t look so hot on the sidelines afterwards.

Hedrick threw 5 TDs and ran for another. He was 19 for 27, 305 yards, and no interceptions. That put his qb rating at 226. Even though those are great numbers that is not the best we will see of him. That is only the preview.

The TD pass to Shane Williams-Rhodes was pure magic and courage. Hedrick read the blitz, saw the hit coming, and flung the ball exactly where the blitzing safety should have been.

He kept drives alive with good passes, good decisions, and good legs.

Hedrick’s performance was cut a little short by three dropped passes. They were to guys wide open and it either hit them in the hands or on the numbers. They ended drives. They are almost as bad as a fumble, they just can’t be recovered by the other team. The reasons for them are exactly the same as fumbles, sloppy thinking.

Matt Miller played his quiet unassuming self with 6 catches for almost 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. (We sure miss Kirby.)

It looks like Ajayi will not be playing the fourth quarter with a lead. We don’t need the ball on the ground and Prince knows that everybody will be trying to rip the ball away from Ajayi. If Ajayi does what he’s supposed to in the off season and takes his anit-fumblitss pills likely we won’t see him coughing it up at all next year.

Ajayi had another good game (13 carries 91yards). The referees kept him out of the end zone on one run. The review clearly showed he was in bounds. (Did I see a female referee?)

Derrick Thomas looked good on the returns, but not speedy. Running the ball in the fourth quarter was another issue. He doesn’t seem to find openings. He holds on to the ball even when they’re trying to rip it away. He did a good job.

On defense three names kept showing up Ben Weaver, Gabe Perez, and Tanner Vellejo; all freshman. Is that a preview of things to come? The great thing about having three guys like that, they flush everybody into the arms of the other guys.

Cleshawn Page’s hit on Colorado State’s punt return man was cheap. There is no other way to put it. That’s not Boise football, in fact that’s not football. If the intent was the jar the ball loose it’s best to hit the ball or right below it.

A word about Dillon Lukeheart’s hit last week. It was not as egregious as the one against Colorado State. The BYU receiver was moving into Lukeheart which made it appear worse. The receiver was in a lower position. Lukeheart was trying to lead with his pads for the ball; at least that’s what I saw.

Cheap shots don’t cause fumbles, they cause penalties.

Frankly, at this point as fan I can’t be anything other than pleased. This is really a young team – very young. Most of the vets are seeing limited action or no action because of injuries.

Now the Broncos get a week off to get healed and get smarter.


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