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Sometimes They Won’t Let You Eat Humble Pie: Pete’s Class Reunion (short fiction)


Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

Pete returned to his 20th class reunion. He managed to miss all the rest. Success made it easier to return. Ten years ago his company went public and was now global. Few in his class knew and that’s the way he wanted to keep it.

In the last few years he thought about George Stone. George was always the lead in class plays and musicals, a brilliant student. He recalled his effeminate manner and at times mocked and teased him.

Peter truly wondered if such teasing had scared him.

To the contrary, from all recent reports of George indicated he had become snobbish and aloof. He had even commented that the class reunion was a shabby little affair hardly worth his time. He was now an actor. He appeared for a while on Broadway and was in a sitcom for a while. Not a star by any means, but enough for him to berecognized by the public.

He entered the class reunion as if it were arranged especially for him, but was left alone after a few handshakes and slaps on the back. Apparently his reputation had proceeded him and no one wished to perpetuate it any further.

This left me feeling sad for George. He sat alone.

“George,” Pete said sitting next to him and extending his hand. “Pete Gorman.”

George shook Pete’s hand limply. “Oh, yes I recall you, played basketball, right?”

Pete smiled. “Football.”

“Sure,” George said. “One of them.”

“I’ve become a fan of yours,” Pete said. “Actually saw you in a play on Broadway about five years ago. You were really good.”

“That’s nice,” George said and seemed to look for someone else to take notice of him.

They sat silent for a few moments with only an occasional reference about someone they recognized.

“George,” Pete said. “There has been something on my mind for quite a few years. It has been bothering me. I treated you rather badly when we were in school.”

“Strange,” George said. “I don’t remember. I hardly remember you.”

“Well,” Pete said. “If you should ever remember, I’m sorry. I was an immature self-absorbed punk. I’m really sorry for how I treated you.”

George stared at Pete coldly. “Well, you should be.”

Pete stood and offered his hand. George turned away.

“On second thought,” Pete said. “I take it all back. I hope you live with the scar I inflicted till the day you die, because that’s the way you want it. And thanks for making this a wonderful class reunion. And in case you‘re wondering I will be here for the next one, no matter how shabby it appears.”

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All I Ever Wanted Was An MG Midget

That is what I would like to have.

That is what I would like to have.

Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Joneses

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

I’ve never wanted a luxury item. Sure I’ve thought about how nice it might be to have a yacht or perhaps live in a mansion, but it was always with a certain smile on my face as if saying to myself, “Poor lad, you know that will never happen.”

I have never been attracted to or by luxury. If I buy something it is always the cheapest. My wife has to buy coats for me because if left to me I’d never replace my old worn-out ones.

I don’t know why, I’m that way. I just am.

Several years ago I revealed a secret passion to a friend.

“I’ve always wanted an MG Midget,” I said.

“I’ll sell you one for $50,” he said.

“I can’t,” I said. “I can’t even justify $50 for one.”

“Okay,” he said. “It’s free.”

“What!” I said.

“It’s in my barn,” he said. “You’d be doing me a favor by just taking it off my hands.”

My wife and I talked for a few minutes and she thought it would be a nice project for me to restore it.

This is what I ended up with.

This is what I ended up with.

I had the MG Midget towed home.

For  the next few weeks I purchased all sorts of used tools to help in the restoration. I asked a friend who restored MGs to take a look at my MG.

“How much time are you willing to spend on this?” he asked.

“I’d like to have it done before I retire in two years,” I said.

“It will effect your marriage,” he said. “You’ll spend more time working on the car than you will with your wife.”

“Maybe that’s why she suggested the project,” I chuckled.

“How much are you willing to spend?” he said.

(Mind you, I’ve never done this type of thing before.”

“Oh, four maybe five thousand dollars,” I said.

My friend started laughing. “You’ll sink $15,000 in this before it’s even drivable.”

Well that was a sharp burst of reality.

My wife always said the only way I’d be behind the wheel and going down the road is if it was being pulled by a tow truck.

Two years later I sold it to my friend so he could use it for parts which is what I think he wanted all along.

That was the only thing I ever wanted to indulge myself with.

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What Is The Day Before Black Friday Called?

Black Friday, when commons sense, courtesy, and humanity are thrust aside for Wide-screens, Smart-phones, and I-Pads.

I’ve noticed a subtle change over the years; the Thanksgiving sales have become Black Friday Sales. Is Thanksgiving on its way out to be replaced by Black Friday? It makes sense. Businesses and industries will no longer give Thanksgiving Thursday off along with the rest of the weekend; giving employees four days. By eliminating Thanksgiving Thursday in favor of Black Friday employees will receive only three days off.

Clever, would you not agree? Why am I the only one taking note of this obvious conspiracy? I’m certain the Walton family is behind this (no, not John-boy’s Walton, Sam’s Walton). They once had the help of Bush and Cheney and now Obama is one Supreme Court nominee away from finalizing it.

Let’s Talk About Black Friday

Black Friday proves one thing; greed rules and people are crazy. (I guess that’s two.)

There was one family who said pitching their tent at the front door of Best Buy had become a family tradition. What! Are their ancestors Bedouins? Aren’t there laws against that? Isn’t that how they got rid of the “Occupy” protestors? I’m beginning to wonder if the “Occupy” people weren’t greedy consumers just trying to get in shape for Black Friday.

Every year somebody gets trampled to death when the doors open at Wal-Mart or Target. Next year that may be an advertising slogan; “People are dying to shop at…”

Whenever I see the stampede at retail stores when the doors open for Black Friday I’m left with little doubt in my mind why so many people didn’t make it to the life boats on the Titanic.

At one time Black Friday business hours were the same as the other days of the year. Then some retail genius came along and said, “Doors will open one hour early on the day after Thanksgiving.” Next it was, “Doors open at six…” Last year doors were open for business at midnight. Mind you, most of the people lined up at the doors and stampeding into the store have hard time showing up for their shift at Taco Bell.

Many stores will open while the Thanksgiving meal is still digesting in their stomachs. I’m wondering if Thanksgiving shouldn’t be called ‘the day before Black Friday’ or maybe ‘Gray Thursday.’ Perhaps Thanksgiving can be moved back a few days or even a week. Actually many are calling it Brown Thursday.

Black Friday; It May Be A Condition

Maybe just eliminate Thanksgiving altogether. After all I don’t think Black Friday is the problem, it’s the day before that gets in the way of mankind’s insatiable appetite to be the first to get a wide-screen or the latest x-box game. (See how easy it was for me to buy into the Walton’s scheme?)

People are really nasty on Black Friday. They have pent-up aggression from watching football and disappointment over somebody else getting the last piece of pumpkin pie. Their only outlet is Black Friday. There is a real diagnosis, it’s called Suppressed Thanksgiving Uncontrolled Panic Induced Disorder (STUPID).

Look for the American Psychiatric Association to classify it as a mental disorder that can’t be cured. So let’s embrace it and define the real cause as the day before Black Friday. Finally a disorder not blamed on strict or over-indulgent parenting.


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Arthur Overcomes The Fear Of Books, (short fiction)

Arthur overcame his fear of books and heights.

Arthur overcame his fear of books and heights by facing them.

Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

People are afraid of all kinds of things: spiders, the dark, or being enclosed in small spaces. Tell us about your greatest fear — rational or irrational.

Arthur had been under the care of a psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Gordon for five years. Arthur was afraid of everything; people, bugs, dogs, cats, water, moving vehicles, and so on but his greatest fears were heights and flying.

He could not even watch a program or movie that had a scene inside an airplane.

He lived a tortured existence.

Under the care of Dr. Gordon Arthur was now enrolled at a local college. Dr. Gordon was able to treat his fear of books. Dr. Gordon told him that as long as he had books that they would help him overcome his fears. And it seemed to work. Everyplace Arthur went he carried his text books in his backpack. He visited parks, coffee shops, and was using public transportation rather than walking. He was now going to parks where people often brought their pets.

His progress was remarkable. Dr. Gordon was even preparing a paper on Arthur’s progress and was involved in a serious conversation with a publisher to write a book about his methods of overcoming fears and using Arthur’s story as the premise.

The day arrived for the culmination of Dr. Gordon’s work with Arthur. Arthur was about to parachute from a plane.

Dr. Gordon was an experienced parachutist and testified to Arthur that parachuting was essential to overcome many of his own phobias.

“If you do this one single act there is nothing for you to ever fear again. You will be a free man,” Dr. Gordon told Arthur sitting next to him on the small plane as it ascended.

Arthur was quite nervous. He patted his books in the backpack and smiled nervously at Dr. Gordon for assurance and courage.

The plane climbed for a few minutes. Arthur’s mouth was dry. Dr. Gordon continually assured him about the safety of parachuting and having confidence in his equipment and above all himself. “It’s safer than walking down a flight of stairs,” Dr. Gordon assured.

“We’re at four thousand feet,” the pilot said through the cockpit door. “Anytime you’re ready.”

“I can’t do this,” Arthur said.

“Sure you can,” Dr. Gordon said. “You’ve come too far to turn back now. You can do it!”

“I have to do it without thinking about it,” Arthur said. “Just go automatically through the motions as if I’ve done it all my life. It’s all second nature. No fear because I’ve done it before. Right Dr. Gordon? Just the way you told me.”

“That’s the spirit,” Dr. Gordon said. “You’ve got it!”

As Dr. Gordon moved forward to the cockpit to make certain of the drop zone Arthur quickly suited-up for the jump.

Dr. Gordon returned to find Arthur standing at the door of the plane with both hands firmly gripping the sides. At last he was about to face and overcome his fears.

Arthur looked at the miniature faraway world below and gulped.

“Do it Arthur!” Dr. Gordon said. “Free yourself.”

Arthur had a fearful smile. “Give me a nudge.”

“Just count to five and pull,“ Dr. Gordon said.

Arthur grabbed for his ripcord. It was the most freighting look ever seen on a man’s face. It was twisted in fear and doubt. Arthur tried to take a breath.

Dr. Gordon shoved Arthur.

Arthur tumbled from the plane. Dr. Gordon smiled and mumbled, “You have done it lad, you have done it.”

Dr. Gordon was pleased. He looked over at the Arthur’s empty seat and smiled. “He even did it without taking his books with him, such progress.” Dr. Gordon’s eyes widened. “That’s his parachute! He strapped on his backpack full of books!”

Dr. Gordon sat. He thought, ‘The books were always a crutch. I wonder if they helped this time? I see now why he had a fear of books; they are of little use when falling from a plane.’

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Boise Vs. New Mexico: Predicting The Score

Joe Southwick will wave goodbye to Boise this Saturday. Whether he likes it or not or fans like it or not the last two years will be known as the Southwick years. I think he gave it more than his all. That's all fans can expect. I truly think Southwick is as good as Fresno's Derek Carr. Somethings are beyond our control; a fumble, dropped pass, holding call, missed field goals, and missed assignments. So much goes into making a great player - others.

Joe Southwick will wave goodbye to Boise this Saturday. Whether he likes it or not or fans like it or not the last two years will be known as the Southwick years. I think he gave it more than his all. That’s all fans can expect. I truly think Southwick is as good as Fresno’s Derek Carr. Somethings are beyond our control; a fumble, dropped pass, holding call, missed field goals, and missed assignments. So much goes into making a great player – others.

In spite of all the naysayers, hand-wringers, Debbie-downers, and peasants with pitch forks demanding the heads of everybody from the dog who gets the kicking tee clear up to Coach Prince I think this is one of the best coaching jobs done at Boise State. That is not to say criticism is not due and mistakes have not been made, but this year’s team is not laden with anywhere near the best Mountain West Conference talent. It would be good if Boise was still in the WAC, but they’re not.

The competition is tougher and so is the coaching.

This week against New Mexico will be the culmination of all the season’s frustration. Boise will win big.

The word is that Joe Southwick will start. When you compare the numbers between Hedrick and Southwick, Southwick is a tad south of Hedrick.

Both of them have good numbers, but good numbers don’t begin to tell the story for a less than stellar year. There are obvious problems with the d-backs. Their ineffectiveness keeps the opponent’s drives alive and the ball out of the hands of the Boise offense.

If you can’t pass against Boise State, you can’t pass.

That was the problem two years ago. That year, 2011, spawned a great secondary in 2012. As I recall after a dismal 2011 year for the d-backs they resolved to make life miserable on quarterbacks and receivers alike. It was a personal dedication to excellence. I don’t think Boise had that this year – taking personal responsibility to be ready to play and be coached.

What about this week‘s game; there is no doubt. Boise will win.

New Mexico can run and score. They average over six yards a carry and over 32 points a game. Boise has held opponents to 3.71 yards per carry. Boise has been tough against the run this year.

New Mexico also gives up a lot of points. They give up better than 42 points a game.

Here’s a quote from last weeks prediction:

“I was very close to calling an Aztec upset,”

Well, what’s the old expression, you think long you think wrong.

I’m going with 63-7 Boise.

How did I arrive at that score? I don’t know. I just picked it out of the air. Likely it is because that’s the score I want.

I sort of want Wyoming to beat Utah which will give Boise another shot at Fresno. Yet, it may mean Boise’s fifth loss also. Nevertheless, I’d like to see them have the chance.

Here’s my previous predictions:

1. Boise over UW 35-17 (Actual, 6-38 UW, hope springs eternal.)

2. Boise over UT Martin 49-0 (Actual 63-14, got the spread.)

3. Boise over Air Force 45-17 (Actual, 42-20, missed by a field goal on both ends.)

4. Boise over Fresno 45-30 (Actual 41-40 Fresno win, Frankly if the game were held any place, but Fresno…)

5. Boise over Southern Miss 49-10 (Actual 60-7, Petersen purposely left the first team in too long to foil me and Demarcus Lawrence was off-sides on one of his blocked field goals [not really, I’m just a sore loser})

6. Boise over Utah State 35-7 (Actual, 34-23, My original prediction was 52-7. I think if BSU would have played the second half without their foot on the brake that would have been more likely. Let’s be honest the game was not really that close.)

7. Boise over Nevada 52-10 (Actual, 34-17. If not for the Southwick injury Boise would have scored 50+ and Nevada would not have scored 17.)

8. Boise over BYU 38-21 (Actual, 37-20 BYU. BYU was simply too big and too strong. Boise turned the ball over 4 times.)

9. Heart: 45-10 BSU, Head: 35-24 BSU (Actual, 42-30. My head was close on the spread. BSU D had a real lapse and the Broncos put the brakes on in the second half.)

10. Head: 40-23 BSU, Heart: 55-14 BSU (Actual 48-7 BSU. My heart was closest. In fact, Wyoming was lucky to score.)

11. Head: 40-27 BSU, Heart: 48-17 BSU.(Actual 34-31 SDSU) Like I mentioned earlier and upset was on my mind, but I changed it. I’ll live with being wrong.)

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Ziggy And Buster Set A Goal (short fiction)

A doughnut a day is a worthy goal.

A doughnut a day is a worthy goal.

Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go…

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never too early to start thinking about self-improvement!

“You got any goals for next year?” Ziggy said.

“What! Goals,” Buster said. “Goals are overrated. Show me a person who set goals and I’ll show you someone whose setting themselves up for failure and the failure of others.”

“Goals are how you can mark improvement,” Ziggy said. “It’s a pathway to achievement.”

“What have you been reading?” Buster said.

“Last week when I overslept I watched the Today Show…”

Buster interrupted. “That garbage still on TV?”

“Sure,” Buster said. “They had this guy on that said it is the right time to start setting goals for the new year. You have a little better than a month to think about what improvements you need to make and how to implement a plan.”

“Have you come up with anything?” Ziggy said.

“Not yet,” Buster said. “The guy on TV said you should talk it over with friends, perhaps they have suggestions and may even help you. That‘s why I’m mentioning it to you.”

“Okay, my friend,” Ziggy said. “You show up for work at least two or three times a month, make it your goal to not show up late for work all next year.”

“That’s not a good goal,” Buster said.

“Why?” Ziggy said.

“Because there are benefits in showing up late,” Buster said.

“Like what?” Ziggy said.

“I get needed sleep and I can catch the Today Show,” Buster said. “It keeps me informed. That would have a negative impact on me. Goals are about improving.”

“Let me toss this one out at you,” Ziggy said. “Cut back on doughnuts. That will help both of us.”

“How,” Buster said.

“You pick up six doughnuts a day,” Ziggy said. “We each have two at break and save the other one for the drive home. Just by cutting out the doughnuts I bet we could lose weight. That’s an improvement, right?”

“I’m not sure I want to do that,” Buster said reluctantly.

“Why not?” Ziggy said. “Look, you’ve planted the seed about goals and now you’re backing away.”

“I’m just afraid of the impact it’s going to have on Freddy’s Doughnut Dugout,” Buster said. “He’s got a family. And he’s probably got goals to sell more doughnuts next year. We may be stepping in the way.”

“What gives?” Ziggy said. “It’s only six doughnuts a day. He probably throws that many away.”

“And if he does that’s six more,” Buster said. “I’m beginning to see the light. Goals have a devastating effect on others. For every goal you set others suffer. You and I eat six doughnuts a day, everyday. The weekends we don’t work, but we still go to Freddy’s. That’s 6 doughnuts times 360 or … That’s over 2,000 doughnuts a year. I don’t think Freddy can sustain that kind of loss.”

“You’re a good man, Buster,” Ziggy said.

“Ya know,” Buster said. “Because of you I see the world in a whole different light.”

“How‘s that Ziggy said.

“Every time I see a skinny guy,” Buster said. “I see somebody trying to destroy the economy one doughnut at a time. Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” Ziggy said. “Thank the today show. They planted the seed.”

“I think we should help ole Freddy,” Bruce said. “Let’s just buy another doughnut each. We can have it as desert for lunch. That will be our goal, another doughnut a day.”

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“You’re worthless,” she said.

“Well, it’s because you used me all up,” he said.



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