Let Them Eat Cake Or Candy

Anyone care to remember what happened to Marie Antoinette?
Anyone care to remember what happened to Marie Antoinette?

Daily Prompt: Trick or Treat

If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out?

“If” bloggers had their own Halloween, they don’t, but “if” they did I’d tell them to pester somebody else. Everything is free on my blog to begin with.

If you want something profound, amusing, thoughtful, or entertaining come inside (the blog) and look around for yourself.

Let me give you my secular view of Halloween. The entire concept is how the welfare system works. Let me start out by saying welfare is good, it’s generous, it’s needed, and I’m glad it’s available. But it is abused by design and even purpose. It keeps beggars from rioting.

At Halloween people dress up as characters to scare the householder into giving them a treat. Tradition has it if the householder does not hand out a treat the beggar, disguised as frightening character, pulls a trick on the householder. Thus the other names for Halloween are “Trick of Treat” or “Beggars Night.”

There is a certain segment of the population who hold society at hostage in the same way. They try to look evil or intimidating and promise to loot, steal, riot, or disrupt society or the common good if they don’t receive something for nothing.

What governments hand out is candy and what the beggars get are a false sense of accomplishment that perpetuates their current beggarly state and rotten teeth.

In effect it is much like saying, “let them eat cake.” Which was Marie Antoinette’s response to the comment, “The peasants have no bread.”

Just think about it; that’s your “treat.” I ain’t gonna splain it to ya. Ya gots ta figer it out fer yerself. (Not being condescending, just trying to be clever and funny.)



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