Breaking The Daily Prompt Habit

"Where's my daily prompt? Where's my daily prompt? It's three minutes late!"
“Where’s my daily prompt? Where’s my daily prompt? It’s three minutes late!”

Daily Prompt: Breakdown

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

Since February 1 I’ve been awakening well before 6:00 AM to catch the Daily Prompt that arrives in my email at that time.

When initially answering the Daily Prompt I thought of trying it only a few times. Here we are at the end of October and I haven’t missed one. Am I junkie or not? (rhetorical)

My goal is to do it for a year. Yeah, right, that’s what all meth-heads say.

The first full week of November I won’t be near my computer and it is unlikely I will have time to post. Like all coke addicts I snort twice as much to carry me over that period. What! It works!

There are seven posts laying in time release WordPress time capsules ready for release. The problem is they have nothing to do with the Daily Prompt for that day, because we don’t know what it is until that day.

Anyway I’ll find enough time and a computer to link from the Daily Prompt to my post. Sure, it won’t be on topic, but it won’t be anymore off topic than a photography post which is supposed to “show anger” and they post a field of sunflowers.

I’m not saying photographers should go out and commit a heinous crime and photograph that, but at least show me sunflowers growing around a howitzer.

What were we talking about? Oh, right, habits. When January 31 rolls around I’m saying “good bye” to the Daily Prompt. That’s the day I’ll be driving through seedy parts of town, pulling up to total strangers, and saying, “Hey, man, ya know where I can score some daily prompt? Ya got some on ya?”

I wonder if daily prompts are considered contraband in county lock-up?



      • That’s very true, and I’d be excited to see what other endeavours you’d take on when not doing the daily prompt so…maybe not doing it would be a good thing.

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