Boise State’s Third Loss; What Went Wrong

Jay Ajayi, another great performance.

Jay Ajayi, another great performance.

Well shut my mouth, butter my behind, and call me biscuit. Boise State was handed its third loss of the season. They were beat 37 – 20 by a very good BYU team with a motivated quarterback, Taysom Hill.

Normally I wait a couple of days before posting about a game. I like things to sink in a bit.

Allow a quote from my post predicting a great Boise State win:

“I’m caught between my heart and my head. One should always go with their head. So I’m going with my heart.”

My head was saying 34 – 28 BYU. No apologies – I’m a fan not a realist.

Did Boise miss Southwick? A little, but Grant Hedrick did not cough-up the ball three times. Yes, he did throw a pick, but that’s what quarterbacks do.

Grant Hedrick, some lessons learned.

Grant Hedrick, some lessons learned.

Hedrick looked nervous in the pocket, but I think he handled himself well. This was his first start, it was an away game, and against a top-notch opponent. I think BYU is better than UW and Fresno.

Jay Ajayi turned in another great night (151 yard in 23 carries), but he did fumble once. Shane Williams-Rhodes had a good night (10 catches for 95 yards), but he did fumble once. Boldewijn had two catches, but he did fumble once. Is there a pattern emerging here?

Boise had no picks nor created any fumbles. You can not expect to win if losing in that department. You must create more turnovers than your opponent. A good defensive team not only stops the ball they get the ball.

I thought we’d see Hedrick tuck and run more often. He had plenty of time in the pocket and my hat goes off the Boise State offensive line. They did a tremendous job. Early-on BYU had a good rush, but for the most part they did a fine job. The running game was also substantial, although there was a couple of forth and short Boise got beat back on. One was a bad spot, but that’s spilled milk.

The d-line did a good job rushing Hill, but had trouble closing in on him. It seemed to me they were content to contain him.

It looks like our d-backs could use some more time in the weight room. There were a couple of balls that were clearly muscled away from them.

Let it be said this is a team loss. If Southwick would have been around his critics would have hung it on him. If Boise won it would have been and upset.

Now it’s back to conference play at Colorado State next week.


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