Place Your “Was” In “Solitary”

01-solitary-confinement-cell[1]Daily Prompt: ______ is the new ______

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase: “_____ is the new _____.”

My words are “was” and “solitary.” I was hoping for something like “sixty” and “forty” so I could lie a lot. Nevertheless it is what it is.

“Was” was once an “is” before it became a “was.”

“Is” is solitary until it becomes a “was.” When it becomes a “was” it joins all the “is” that are now “was.” Everything that “is” becomes a “was.” “Is” only happens at the time, so how can a “was” become the new “solitary?”

In order for a “was” to be set aside or solitary from all the other “was,” is must become an “is” that will be a “was” like no other “was.”

There is truly a profoundness to this silliness. We all take the “was” in our lives and try to make them “is.” We relive the past as if that defines who we are now. Certain characteristics naturally stay with us, but we can become better if we don’t drag the past (the was) with us.

Our past is like a bad prisoner that must be separated from the rest of the prison population. It’s called “solitary” confinement.

This is healthy psychologically. The Bible likewise recommends such action at Psalm 103:12, “As far off as the sunrise is from the sunset so far off from us he has put our transgressions.” The point being, if God has cast our transgression that far away should we not do so with our own, but most importantly the transgressions of others. Hanging on to what “was” is like eating vomit.

Sometimes it’s best to take all the “was” in our life and lock them away in “solitary” until they behave themselves. So “was” is the new “solitary.”

(My words were taken from Richard Daybell’s blog, Tis Pity He’s A Writer.)



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