Hedrick Takes The Helm

Grant Hedrick leading the way.

Grant Hedrick leading the way.

This was a WOW game! A great 34 – 17 win! And likely one the better comeback games by Boise (They aren’t often behind.)

My first thought when Joe Southwick went down with an ankle injury on the first play was not Grant Hedrick’s ability, but how the team would respond to his presence. What can I say? They responded like a team. What character.

Although Jay Ajayi turned in a colossal performance it was Hedrick who orchestrated the offense. Hedrick’s only flaw in the entire evening was an interception, an interception that was more of a fluke; the ball being batted around several times before falling into Nevada’s hands.

The o-line and d-line played as near perfect game as can be played.

Both Ajayi (222 yards in 24 carries) and Derrick Thomas (48 yards on 6 carries) had good running room. Ajayi’s 71 yard run was probably one of the best executed blocking displays one will ever see. This is not to mention Grant Hedrick’s 115 yards in 8 carries. Time and again the Boise o-line got to the right place at the right time.

The d-line played up to pre-season expectations. DeMarcus Lawrence not only dominated on the pass rush, but thwarted the Nevada run game also. Cory Fajardo did not have a lot of time to find the second receiver.

Ben Weaver is playing at senior year level. He has incredible instincts and physical abilities. He will continue to grow and bring the Boise State defense along with him.

Boise went in at half time down 17 – 7  with prospects looking dim. They made the adjustments needed to come out strong in the second half.

The only thing the Broncos seemed to miss was the long passing threat. I thought for a moment Boldewijn had another suspension. Except for a penalty he was almost unheard. Good offenses sometimes take what is given to them and I suspect he was well covered or opportunities did not present themselves.

Charles Bertoli's message to Grant Hedrick, "Carpe diem."

Charles Bertoli’s message to Grant Hedrick, “Carpe diem.”

From the looks of Grant Hedrick on the sidelines it looks like it is his offense now. He had 115 yards on the ground and passed 18 for 21 and 150 yards. In addition he scored two really good touchdown runs.

When Charles Bertoli scored a touchdown against Southern Miss. he flexed his muscles at the crowd. On his biceps were the words “carpe diem,” “seize the day. In other words when opportunity presents itself raise to the occasion. Grant Hedrick has “seized the day.”

Is it too late to talk Heisman? (Just kidding.)



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2 responses to “Hedrick Takes The Helm

  1. Greg Reed

    Love the take on Hedrick, very true. One thing though, Carpe Diem means Seize the Day as in grasp hold the opportunity, not Cease the Day which would mean the day has ended.

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