Boise State; Starting To Rumble

SWR - Shakes Wiggles Runs

SWR – Shakes Wiggles Runs

Boise State dominated Utah State in a 34 to 23 win.

It seemed like Boise State came out in the second half of the Saturday night game against Utah State with the brakes on.

It was the Shane Williams-Rhodes show all the way; 13 catches for 150 yards and a TD. He not only ran good tight routes, but broke those routes and got open when the play became extended. He not only was able to break away from his coverage, but also made great catches in tight coverage.

I see him running for governor of Idaho someday.

Another good game for Joe Southwick; two TD passes and he ran one. He had two picks, but the one, Boldewijn slipped and allowed the defender to go over the top for the pick. It was ran back for a score that should not have happened.

Is there a conspiracy to keep Southwick’s numbers down? There were at least five passes that hit the receivers in the hands on the numbers; that’s Sun Belt Conference stuff.

What was really impressive about the offense was the long scoring drives. Utah put Boise behind the twenty a couple times, but Southwick engineered four TD drives of 91, 89, 69, and 61 yards.

If not for the numbers Williams-Rhodes put up, player of the game goes to Jay Ajayi. He averaged 5 yards a carry where there was not five yards to carry. He carried defenders five yards. I thought it was one of the most courageous performance I’ve seen in a while. There is a lot of pride in the Ajayi family this week.

That said, the average per carry as a team for the game was 2.9 yards. That ain’t good. The o-line has to make holes. There are none. Perhaps what may cure that is Southwick pulling the ball out of Ajayi’s gut and dinking the ball to a tight end or slot receiver where the linebackers (who are bunched up for a run) should be.

Sometimes you have to call plays away from your weakness.

The Boise State defense seemed to get to the ball faster. Demarcus Lawrence was an absolute beast (and I mean that in the best possible way). On several possessions he single-handedly stopped drives.

Ben Weaver is playing like he’ll receive the Butkus Award someday. Great teams have great linebackers. There is something about the way they play the game that raises the level of everybody else, including the offense. A good football player is agile, mobile, and hostile. That’s Weaver. He’s the future.

At times the d-backs played a little soft, but their play was outstanding. Bryan Douglas had a pick as did Donte Deayon. Jonathan Moxey would have likely had one also if not for an offensive interference call.

I hate to say this, but Coach Pete said it first. Coach Pete got out-coached with time management at the end of the first half. A blocked field goal by Charles Leno saved what could have been a half-time locker room boost for Utah.

Okay, okay, Coach Pete coaches pretty good special teams too.

All in all it was well-played game.



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2 responses to “Boise State; Starting To Rumble

  1. Juan

    Is 34-23 a domination? Can you dominate while also wearing brakes? If the brakes were on in the second half, how could it be SWR “all the way”.

    Maybe it would be more accurate to just say that BSU dominated the first half and that SWR was a big part of that.

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