Boise State’s Remaining Games, Are There Raising Stars?

Charles Bertoli will be a Boise State star. Don't be surprised if you see Patti-wagon and Chuck-wagon in the same backfield.

Charles Bertoli will be a Boise State star. Don’t be surprised if you see Patti-wagon and Chuck-wagon in the same backfield.


As a fan if Boise has to worry about Utah State we’re in trouble.

As a football team the minute you don’t respect your opponent and fear him you’re shaking hands at the end of the game and acknowledging their win.

Utah State is not Southern Miss. or UT Martin, they are a conference foe.

The Utah State game essentially starts the second half of the season. What is done from that point forward determines the team’s post season hopes and will identity its legacy for perpetuity.

Teams don’t physically become worse as the season progresses. What I mean is that all the other teams face the same challenges and physical fatigue factors. They are in relationship to each other. The real difference is the mental fatigue factor. I don’t know of an athlete who is not more mentally and emotionally fatigued after a season than they are physically.

It is more so with coaches. It’s more than a stirring locker room talk, it’s the pride in your stride and the look on your face.

Utah State is coming from a 31-14 loss to BYU. Boise had the week off. There are two ways of looking at the week off; Boise won’t be as sharp because of missing a week or they had time to heal and recharge. I look at it this way, after the first snap if your head ain’t in the game go have some Gatorade. In either case if you ain’t ready start paying for your own education.

Following a team you are always looking for players to emerge from obscurity as the season progresses. A few years back it was Doug Martin. It was like watching a flower open. There are the ones expected like Aaron Baltazar.

The week off gives coaches a little more time to assess the merging talent and make adjustments.

Sophomore Troy Ware and freshman Thomas Sperbeck are slowly gaining experience as receivers.

Charles Bertoli is really showing up big when he’s in. I’d like to see him play a quarter or two in the main arena with the first team. He reminds me of Doug Martin, not so much the skill set, but the drive and determination.

Freshmen Ben Weaver and Jonathan Moxey have seen some serious and substantial playing time. Likely they will be the cornerstone of the defense in the future. It will be interesting to see how they develop as the season progresses.

Will we see Tyler Rausa get a few kicks? Will Nick Patti see some quality time rather than mop-up action?

Even though I use the term, rebuilding year, I don’t like the term. Good programs don’t rebuild they reload. Also, good programs are sustained year after year by good academics and attracting players who want to excel in the classroom and on the field. Academics and character are the foundations of successful programs.

Apparently coach Chris Petersen demands much from his players. Looking back at some of the more recent recruiting classes there are a few who thought the rigors and demands placed upon them to play in the blue was too much to take.

The point; whether preferring the term ’rebuilding’ or ’reloading’ in either case reliable and good material is needed.




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