The Jittery Goat Travel Log – Places I’ve Been; Como, Indiana

Como, Indiana was not named after Perry Como.
Como, Indiana was not named after Perry Como.

Unlike Zone, Ohio introduced to everyone last week, Como, Indiana has a Wikipedia entry. Knowing that, there is reason to doubt its existence.

It’s situated on Route 67 about 60 miles north/east of Indianapolis or a bit more than 500 miles due west of New York City, which explains the accent.

I have no idea how it got the name, but certain it predates the birth of Perry Como. Perry Como was a singer for those of you in the under fifty crowd.

Anyway, Como, Indiana and Perry Como have nothing to do with each other – I think.

I haven’t driven through Como in decades. It seems to have changed from what can be seen on Googles street view.

A grain elevator used to be there, but now it’s gone. There seems to be a business that repairs trucks. There are also a lot of junk cars strewn about. Clearly news did reach Como about Cash-For-Clunkers.

Anyway if you ever drive through Como stop in, knock on somebody’s door, and ask if the place was named after an ancestor of Perry Como.

It’s interesting that in Spanish ‘como’ is ‘what’ and there is picturesque Lake Como in Italy. There is no lake near Como, Indiana. Which leads me to conclude the place was discovered and named by Spanish explorers looking for a water. Misled by Native Americans they found no lake and promptly said, “Como laguna?”

Here is his song Ko Ko Mo. Just take one Ko off and you got Como. Clever, ay?



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