If Interviewed By Barbara Walters

My family portrait, one of them could be  me - funky, groovy, and happenin'.
My family portrait, one of them could be me – funky, groovy, and happenin’.

Daily Prompt: On the Road

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Sometimes the Daily Prompt has a Barbara Walters’ interview feel to them; questions designed to know the inner being. Get lost Barbara; ask me the tree in forest question.

Rather than pick a family, let’s start by eliminating them; the Kardashian’s or any reality show family, including the Dugger’s. A kid could rush in with an arm missing and they’d say, “Well, you still have a good one. Come on, Honey, let‘s have another kid. Maybe it will be born with three arms, everything evens-out.”

I never wanted hang with the Manson family. Squeaky was freaky (Squeaky Fromme, Manson family member who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford).

Sly and the Family Stone was too funky. No way I would dress like them.

No musical families like the Osmond’s or Jackson’s. Although, I would have fun singing off key, off beat, and dancing stupid.

I don’t philander so I could never be a part of a Kennedy reunion.

Likely once I passed gas the Windsor family would be showing me the back door at Buckingham Place.

I’m afraid if I was either a member of the Hatfield’s or McCoy’s they would unite against me.

If a member of a crime family I’d roll-over in a New York minute. Our family photo would have to be shot at Riker’s.

In all seriousness, for one day I’d like to sit in the living room of and old farm-house in north/west Ohio thirty-five years ago and just hold my family. That’s the only family I want.

Now are you happy Barbara?



  1. Not sure I’d want to dress like Sly and the Family Stone either, 🙂 but just an opportunity to be part of that musical funk “family” would have been awesome. But truly, I love holding one’s family in an old farmhouse. I love the city life, but the older I get I find I want be part of country/nature living.

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