Boise State: Great Win, Great Effort, Now What?

Our d-line should rush like it's Black Thursday at Best Buy.

Our d-line should rush like it’s Black Thursday at Best Buy.

There were a lot of impressive performance by Boise State in their 60-7 win over Southern Miss.

Joe Southwick tuned in another great passing performance, 19 for 23 and 268 yards. He has come a long way, in skills, leadership, and understanding of the game. He is incredible at reading defenses and changing plays at the line of scrimmage.

Grant Hedrick is looking really good. It looks as if he has more confidence in his ability to tuck and run rather than wait for a receiver to open up. He was 3 for 3 and 45 yards. He had 5 carries for 29 yards.

Jay Ajayi had a great night; sort of a redemptive performance. On Boise’s first possession he missed a block that resulted in Southwick being sacked. He came out. Later he was back in and running over people and ripping away from tackles. The best of all things; he didn’t fumble. He gained 83 yards in 14 carries.

We didn’t see as much from Aaron Baltazar as many expected. Although he had 4 carries for 36 yards.

Finally, Shane Williams-Rhodes got to show some of his downfield receiving skills rather than those side line passes. Williams-Rhodes’ hidden skill and value is downfield where no one is able to cover him. He had 9 catches for 59 yards. I know, they give him those easy money passes and let him do the work to get yardage after the catch, but the touchdown catch where he took the ball off the carpet was as good as it gets.

Miller turned in another steady game. He doesn’t have off nights. He had 5 catches for 107 yards.

Geraldo Boldewijn has turned into a beast. He snatches candy from the mouths of babies. He had only three catches but for 104 yards. If the referee would have been looking out of his other eye he would have given him a touchdown catch in the second half from Southwick. I don’t think the replay booth could have overturned the call.

Jack Fields was able to break a sweat and we were able to see what he is capable of doing; 12 carries for 46 yards.

Charles Bertoli plays like a man possessed. He plays like a man whose heart is too big for his chest. He will soon be ready for quality time. He had 4 runs for 24 yards. They came when everybody was expecting nothing but run. His touchdown was epic; he sat a tackler on his keister to get the end zone.

Demarcus Lawrence showed up. He did it all, but what was impressive was the two blocked field goals. That’s a season for most defensive linemen. Yet he is the only one who is having a positive effect when it comes to the pass rush.

The Southern Miss. quarterback was given too much time to find receivers. The Broncos young secondary can’t hold them off forever. The secondary is doing a great job. They need help from the d-line and blitzes. Darian Thompson and Bryan Douglas had two great picks.

The kicking wicked witch returned to Boise State. Dan Goodale, who had been good all year long, missed two extra points. In a close game or a loss that may have ended his playing time. He was able to connect on a 33 yard field goal.

The o-line is simply not giving Southwick the protection he deserves. They’re missing assignments and getting over-ran.

The first touchdown against Southern Miss. was a message to the Mountain West that the so called ‘trick-plays’ are still part of the play book. Although I would rather see that one with thirty seconds left down by 3 in the conference play-off game.

A week off will be good for the Broncos. The d-line and o-line can work on the mental lapses and mistakes. If there is not improvement we can conclude they just don’t have it, at least for this season. It is either the players or what they’re being fed from the sidelines. If it’s the latter than the coaches are the ones who have to bone-up.

For the d-line I suggest showing video of Best-Buy when the doors opened last year Black Friday; that’s what we want. For the o-line a nature video of a she-bear protecting her cub.

Utah, Boise’s next opponent averaged 5.1 yards per carry in their last outing. Boise averaged 4.4 in a blow-out. You would expect it to be around six. Boise ranks somewhere near the middle in yards per carry in the MWC. If they are to win the MWC, they should control the line of scrimmage and that is evident by having a hefty yards per carry average.

Just like losses, put wins behind you, and move on.


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