The Jittery Goat Travel Log – Places I’ve Been; Zone, Ohio

imagesCA3HOI5BI’ve never been to a lot of places, but here’s a place you haven’t been that I have.

I’ve been to Zone, Ohio. I bet you haven’t and if you say you have you’re probably laying. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Zone is so remote and unheard of you can’t if find it on a Google Map, but it’s there. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

Go to your Google Map and type in Fayette, Ohio. Follow Route 66 about three miles south of Fayette. Zone is where Route 66 crosses Road L. They have a sign planted firmly in the ground that proudly reads, “Zone.”

There’s nothing there. I don’t mean nothing nothing, of course there’s something there.

A home sits on the north/west corner of the intersection of Route 66 and Road L. It looks as if it may have been a country market at one time.

Just south of the center of Zone is what appears to be a school or what might have been a school at one time. Can you imagine the confusion; a sign saying, “School Zone” and another saying, “Zone School.”

Don’t you wonder if anything ever happens in Zone. Of course something happens, but you know a Presidential visit, a terrorist’s threat, a flat tire.

I’ve been through Zone a hundred times. It got to be so regular that the people of Zone lined the streets and said, “There he goes again.”

The place is so bland it doesn’t even have a demographic.

Hopefully now if somebody Googles Zone, Ohio it will now have it’s place in cyber-world.

So I’m going to undertake writing the complete history of Zone.

The origins of Zone, Ohio are currently unknown. The people are friendly and trustworthy (I think), little else is known about them. The name Zone comes from the word “Zone.”

If you are ever in Zone; knock on a door and say, “Kenton Lewis wrote about this place. Can I have a hand-out.” The will say, “Who is Kenton Lewis?” Reply, “The guy that drove through here a bunch of times.” They will than say, “Oh, that Kenton Lewis.”

Keep in mind Zone is not for everybody. That’s why everybody is someplace else.



Blather away, if you like.

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