Predicting The Score: Boise Vs. Southern Miss.

images[2]images[1]Unlike many who are thinking this is the worst team in recent memory I don’t think they are. The Broncos have to grow into a better schedule. The recruits have to catch up with the level of competition. It takes time.

The Broncos two loses were to some pretty good teams and the circumstances were all in their opponents’ favor (Home game, big hype to win). The loss against Fresno was nearly a valiant comeback. They won most of the battles, but lost the war.

This team is by no means perfect. They are young. A steady incline is seen in their performance. Sure there was a dip at Fresno, but in some aspects of the game there was marked improvement.

In a previous post I mentioned areas that needed improvement. There is no reason not to expect improvement. The young Broncos have responded outstandingly thus far.

We will see an explosive running game due to the o-line opening up holes. Southwick will be protected so he can do his thing.

The d-line will be hungry for redemption. There will be a good rush and some quarterback sacks.

Boise will be playing like a wounded bear against Southern Miss.

At the most Southern Miss will score 17, but I’m going to say 10. Boise will score at the least 42, but as much as 52.

I’m going to call it 49-10, Boise.


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