What Boise Must Work On Against Southern Miss

Boise can use the Allstate mayhem man.

Boise can use the Allstate mayhem man.

No one in Division 1 college football should be taken for granted. If so, that’s when freaky things happen. That’s when an 0-3 team suddenly looks like they’re playing for a National Championship.

There are two burning questions for BSU fans; how far will they bounce back from a defeat and will Jay Ajayi start with Southern Miss?

Nobody felt worse about the fumble against Fresno than Ajayi. It was in his eyes and body language. Ajayi will come back like a lamb or a lion. Boise does not recruit lambs.

I likely stand alone on this, but I don’t think at this point the Broncos secondary is as bad as other pundits portend. There is no defensive pressure from the offensive line or effective blitzes. The Broncos’ rushers are being picked up as if the offense knows when and where the rush is coming.

Rumors have circulated that Demarcus Lawrence might enter the pro draft this year. He’s not ready. At least, he hasn’t done anything to show he’s ready at this point. A third of the regular season is over. We’re waitiiinnnggg.

The is not to single out one particular player, but somebody must pick up the standard and lead the charge. Boise has always played defense in what can be best described as organized mayhem. They’ve been looking like herded cattle as of late.

The offensive line has to open holes – big holes. The line is jammed up on running plays. The offensive play selection has to spread out the defense. Those quick sideline passes and bubble screens don’t spread out the defense; that starts from men running from out of the backfield. Let’s have some runners break to the outside.

The o-line has to give Joe Southwick protection. When he gets protection he’s uncanny.

Those are the things that the Broncos must rectify against Southern Miss before they compete again in the Mountain West.


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