What The Broncos Learned From The Loss To Fresno

Joe Southwick deserves better protection than this.

Joe Southwick deserves better protection than this.

We learned that the Broncos’ best years are either behind them or ahead of them. I think the later.

I’m glad Joe Southwick is at the offensive helm. Without him the Broncos are a furnace without a fire.

This is typical of growing programs, especially one moving up the ladder to better and better competition. Boise is recruiting better talent, but needs time to gain experience and mature in order to meet the challenges of upgraded teams and conferences.

The better talent is quite noticeable when we see so many underclassmen starting. They have not reached full maturation, yet good enough to beat out upperclassmen recruited just a couple of years earlier.

The talent from freshman and sophomore recruits is amazing. Few schools have the number of underclassmen starting and contributing that Boise has.

So much for the excuses.

We learned that Jay Ajayi must come to grips (pun intended) with his ball handling skills. Three fumbles in an entire year causes eyebrows to raise let alone in two games. Can he overcome it? Yes, he can. He did okay against a much harder hitting Washington. I’d have him walking around campus with a football duct taped to his arm. He’s still a great running back.

The offensive line has to wake up. They are letting guys through and getting pushed back. Fresno’s pass rush was crushing. Once again, Ajayi was ineffectual when it came to blocking. I saw him leave his feet a couple of times to try to block a rusher. You have to put a body on them. Make them go through you, not over the top.

These stupid sideline screens to Kirby Moore has got to stop. Kirby does a great job, but he’s better downfield. That play is best for a guy who has less body mass to elevate to full speed, like Dallas Burroughs, Shane Williams-Rhodes, or six other guys on the roster. It’s made for a guy who can make the defender miss or streak the sidelines before the defenders synapses began firing-off.

The defensive line is not performing anywhere close to minimal with the exception of the run game (My hat goes off to them for their grit down on the goal line, but they gave Carr all the time in the world to get the ball there.). This past week there was no pressure on Derek Carr at all. He didn’t have a great game. He had time to sit back and watch receivers find an opening.

Other than the opening part of the telecast when announcers are talking about the players to look for, do we ever hear the announcers mention Demarus Lawrence?

I don’t see guys fighting and struggling to get to the quarterback. There’s no effective spin moves or hand and arm work.

The secondary is young, but did a fairly good job considering the caliber of the quarterback they were up against.

At this point it looks as if eight straight wins may be out of the mix. A frank look at the teams ahead for the Broncos may mean a couple more losses. But I’m an optimist. I’m not particularly rational when it comes to the Broncos. I think Boise will run the table; that’s my heart and not my head. Sometimes the heart knows things the head doesn’t.


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