News From Boise: New Name For Potato Bowl?

Will Mr. Potato Head become Mr. Pot Head in Boise?

Will Mr. Potato Head become Mr. Pot Head in Boise?

Just this past week law enforcement confiscated its largest marijuana crop in state history. It was estimated that over $100 million worth was growing in Boise County.

Speculation runs high (no pun intended) on what to do with the crop.

With other states such as Colorado legalizing it, why not sell it to them?

Boise has a football bowl game every year called the Potato Bowl. It can‘t be making money. Who wants to come to Boise in the winter to watch football?

If financed with the $100 million from the confiscated marijuana it can be called the Pot Bowl. It’s a beautiful compromise; people already abbreviate potato ’pot.’ anyway.

It’s just another way government and the private sector can work together.

It also gives Californians one more reason to move to Idaho. On second thought, let’s forget the whole Pot Bowl thing. Just send the pot to California maybe that will keep them there.

The weather has moderated in Boise. Temperatures are in the 70’s to the 80s. We’ve had rain. It is almost like being in my beloved Michigan (sarcasm).

On the north/west corner of Maple Grove and Fairview there used to be an empty lot. A Mexican food truck used to park there. Now a Jack-In-the-Box is being constructed. I don’t see that as an improvement.

Food trucks are becoming the rage. Boise has its share.

I like food trucks better than Jack-in-the-Box. I like frozen dinners better than Jack-in-the-Box. I like heart burn and diarrhea  better than Jack-in-the-Box. Jack-in-the-Box gives me heart burn and diarrhea.

The Walgreen’s down the street from Jack-in-the-Box is stocking up on Prilosec Imodium.

Immigrants from Mexico are starting to call Jack-in-the-Box “Venganza  dela trabajador de salario mínimo.” (“Revenge of the minimum wage worker.”)



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6 responses to “News From Boise: New Name For Potato Bowl?

  1. I am loving this idea as a gal from Idaho!

  2. Funny post, Kenton! But you know, you make a good point about food trucks. They certainly are on some kind of uptrend! Here, too. You’ve given me an idea for a post or two about them on my own blog. Thanks!

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