What Went Wrong With Boise, Is It Time To Stache The Pickle Juice?

It was the pass rush. Last count, Southwick was sacked four times and had guys in his face all night long. Carr was sacked once and had all the time in the world most of the night. That was pretty much it.

Take away Aaron Baltazar’s 35 yard touchdown run and you have a 3.1 yard per carry average. The o-line needs a sermon.

The defense was great on some goal line situations, but it was the defense that allowed Fresno to get to the goal line.

The secondary did a good job considering Carr and the receivers had plenty of time. There were a couple of plays they seemed completely confused. Jonathan Moxey was outstanding. He did a great job of breaking up passes on Fresno’s last drive. It would have been better if he managed to hold on to them.

Perhaps we have seen Jay Ajayi lose his starting position to Aaron Baltazar.

It seemed Ajayi was told ‘you fumble, you’re out.’ After the fumble he had the best spectator’s seat in the house and seemed comfortable to have it.

This was his third fumble in two games. And this one may have caused a game. You can’t have a running back fumbling more than the quarterback throws picks.

The passing game was good. Southwick had a good night as did receivers Moore, Miller, and Boldewijn. If Southwick had time he would have had another great night.

There were two questionable play calls; going for two after the first touch down and going for it on a 4th and 16. Of course Petersen would have got the credit if it was pulled off, but he must absorb the blame because it didn’t.

Kirby Moore is not the guy to throw to behind the line of scrimmage. He’s a down field receiver. What’s up with throwing to him behind the line of scrimmage? That’s like having Williams-Rhodes trying to run it up the gut on fourth and goal at the one.

There was a great pass from punter Trevor Harmon to Dillon Lukehart on fourth down. Lukehart looks like he could be a receiver. Let’s give credit to Petersen on that call.

Grant Hedrick connected with Troy Ware for his first college TD. The play was picture perfect and well executed.

Dallas Burroughs had two great returns.

All and all this was a very winnable game for Boise.


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