Boise Vs. Fresno; Predicting The Score

I hope nothing comes between Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Carr Friday night.

I hope nothing comes between Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Carr Friday night.

Thus far here are my previous predictions:

Boise over UW 35-17 (Actual, 6-38, hope springs eternal.)

Boise over UT Martin 49-0 (Actual 63-14, got the spread.)

Boise over Air Force 45-17 (Actual, 42-20, missed by a field goal on both ends.)

When expectations are high every game is big. It is too early in the season to make half-way accurate statements. Boise has only really been pressured once that can be certain and that was against UW. We really don’t know how good Air Force and UT Martin are.

The Broncos got spanked by the UW Huskies. They have played one other game against a pretty good Illinois team and beat them by 10.

The hope is that UW was playing way over their heads in front of a hometown crowd at a newly renovated stadium and that is what made the score so lopsided.

That is as good of reason as any to have a play-off for a national championship. Good teams sometimes are blown away the first game by lesser luminaries and play flawless the rest of the season. The one loss keeps them out of championship competition. A play-off allows a good team to play the rest of the season with hope.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping the Huskies run the table.

(This is a deliberate diversion to avoid a prediction.)

Fresno State has already called this ‘the game’ of the season. If Boise comes into the game thinking it is any less it will be a long plane ride home.

The game is at Fresno. Fresno has it’s best team in several years and certainly one of the nation’s leading quarterbacks. That’s the problems; Boise on the enemy’s turf and a secondary that has not showed itself as anything more than average at best. They have to prove they are above average.

The defensive line must make Derek Carr as nervous as a drug dealer with the cops pounding on the front door and the only way out of the house is through the bathroom window that leads to his neighbor’s backyard pit-bull breeding kennel.

Allow me to digress for a moment. (Still stalling.) Something is bothering me. I don’t think Boise has recovered from the loss to Michigan State last year. An image was lost of being the team that will go anywhere to play anybody and win. They were beat by an average team. It was as if Georgia, V-Tech, Oregon, and Oklahoma never happened.

Boise has always been a program on the rise. They have always exceeded expectations. It wasn’t great players that put them there, it was great teams.

Another game like the last one from Southwick and people will start calling him ‘Joey Football.’

Jay Ajayi now has a target on his back. He now needs to carry it like he’s the big dog on the block. He has to carry the ball like it’s a bone in the jaws of a … – hey, that’s the other team. So let’s call it a pit bull. My money’s on a pit-bull against a bull-dog any day.

The offensive line has to push Fresno around like a kid brother.

Receivers have to be as wide open as a fat man’s zipper and hands like they are coated in Gorilla Glue.

Boise needs a big win over Fresno. It won’t have the impact an opening game win would have had, nevertheless a win at Fresno is critical. Both teams will put their hearts and souls on the line, only one will walk away with a smile.

Some experts are saying Fresno by as little as 3 ½ .

I’m an optimist. I always think Boise will play their best.

Drum roll, please: Boise 45-30.



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2 responses to “Boise Vs. Fresno; Predicting The Score

  1. I live in Fresno, but am NOT a Fresno State fan. I used to live in Oregon and am a long time Ducks fan. Still, I think this may be the year that the Dogs overcome the Broncos. If Carr can get on track, they have an offense that can be explosive. The defense is the question mark. Giving up 51 against Rutgers is a little disappointing so it will be interesting to see how many points Boise State hangs on the Dogs. Regardless, it should be a good game. I live 1.5 miles from the stadium and will hear the noise from home. For the city’s sake, I hope the Dogs win.

    • I’m a transplant from Ohio. Always liked seeing the Buckeyes win, but thought the fans were obnoxious. Came to Boise five years ago and got caught up in the excitement. Boise is really a David/Goliath story. The fans are great, not arrogant and overbearing. They just love their team.
      This is Fresno’s best chance.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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