After Boise State Win, Where To Improve

Jeremy Ioane is one of the more experienced d-backs that must show up big for Boise the rest of the season.  It starts with Fresno State this Friday.

Jeremy Ioane is one of the more experienced d-backs that must show up big for Boise the rest of the season. It starts with Fresno State this Friday.

It was a good win, but by no means perfect.

Although the defense performed admirably there are still concerns. It is not known if the Broncos can mount a sufficient pass rush. Air Force did not launch that many pass attempts, but when they did throw there seemed to be little pressure on the quarterback. Remember, this is where Demarcus Lawrence is supposed to shine.

The secondary and defensive line must work hand in glove. The pass rush and pressure on the quarterback is absolutely crucial. Where that does not exist than tactics must take over. This is where experience is so vital. And experience is something Boise State lacks.

Many have echoed concerns over the secondary. They are young and untested. They seem to be maturing at light speed, but can they adapt.

As much as it pains me to say this we sure miss Sam Uwkaucha’s presence. His departure opened the door of opportunity for somebody else and thus far nobody else has walked through it.

Friday the defense will face one of the nation’s top passing performers, Derek Carr.

How much have the Broncos young defense been able to mentally absorb? At this point every game, every play is a learning experience. The game will eventually slow down for them and they will speed up.

The Air Force game was a good test on how well they would adapt to the option. And they did it in fine fashion. When and where the Broncos faltered in the past this group of men rose to the occasion.

Here’s hoping Derek Carr has a game he’d like to forget.

There’s not too much to say about an offense that has put up over a hundred points in the last two games.

Jay Ajayi is the driving force of the running game. He’s starting to compile some impressive numbers. Ajayi must hold on to the ball. Opposing players know who has ball control problems and they go for it. Ajayi’s two fumbles against Air Force opens the door of opportunity for an emotional Fresno State defense to try to exploit. Tuck the ball, Jay! Squeeze the pigskin until it oinks.

It is time for a number two running back to show up big. The Broncos have one in Aaron Baltazar. BSU needs a game from him like Ajayi gave when DJ Harper was number one.

If Jack Fields has a couple of chances he has to show he wants to be the man behind Ajayi or better yet the man in front of Ajayi.

Southwick must be more accurate! (Just kidding.) Let’s back up a bit and remember; nobody dropped any passes either. Let’s not forget Southwick owns the record for best passing percentage in a game, but a bunch of sure-handed guys ran good routes too. Linemen gave him time to find receivers.

Where is improvement needed? It seems like a need for more passing yardage per game. That may mean runs after the catch or throwing deeper. For Boise to have a more complete game, deeper passing routes must me exploited.


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