How Boise Beat Air Force

If Jay Ajayi has too many more games like the one with Air Force, pickle juice may become a banned substance. Ajayi is becoming a beast.

If Jay Ajayi has too many more games like the one with Air Force, pickle juice may become a banned substance. Ajayi is becoming a beast.

There is the obvious, Joe Southwick and Jay Ajayi; both record setting performances.

There is another obvious, the Bronco defense. Ben Weaver said after the game, “At halftime, we said we just can’t rely on our offense as much. For us it was about knowing your job and staying with your job.” Translation: win on your side of the ball.; go to your spot and let your teammates direct the ball to that spot.

Instinct tells a defensive player to pursue the ball. That is what the option offense feeds off. Defensive players have to trust their coaches and shed their instincts.

The second half was one of the best second half defensive efforts and positive adjustment I’ve seen from Boise State. They were mentally into the game.

In the first half a complete mental lapse gave Air Force their first touchdown. A roughing-the-passer call kept a dying drive alive. The defense was not putting a body on the runner. There was another roughing the passer call near the goal. Being aggressive is one thing, being brutal and stupid in another.

In the second half the Broncos played the swarming bone-crushing defense of years past. Ben Weaver had one stop that put an exclamation mark on the entire defensive effort.

DeMarcus Lawrence has won his way back into my heart. His play was incredible.

Darian Thompson had a second half interception and there was almost another one in the first half. On both plays the d-backs showed patience and good instincts.

The game was won by the defense in the second half. If the defense would have allowed Air Force to get away with their option game, who knows? But defense saved the day and put the ball into the offense’s hands.

The Broncos defense is incredibly young and growing whiskers. They are maturing under our eyes.

On offense while Air Force was obsessing over Aaron Burks and Geraldo Boldewijn Southwick found Matt Miller 10 times and Kirby Moore 8.

One of my favorite plays of the night was watching the Air Force scramble to cover everybody and Southwick hitting Gabe Linehan. He looked like a lumbering water buffalo on the Serengeti chased by lion cubs.

Jay Ajayi had a four touchdown day, but lost the ball twice. Fortunately Air Force was only able to recover one of them. This is not to take anything away from his great effort, but ball protection is a must. When teams sense you can’t hold on the ball it’s like blood in shark infested waters; it starts a feeding frenzy.

The record book is not finished on Joe Southwick. He is slowly moving toward legend status. His 27 for 29 performance should have been more remarkable if the a referee who was apparently in a drug altered state missed an obvious pass-interference call. There were about four last week. I’m not kidding; there ought to be drug testing of officials before, during, and after games.

The offensive line effectively locked on to their assignments and pushed them around with authority.

Back to Southwick; passing is only part of his great performance, he had 6 carries for 53 yards. Perhaps the thing that remains for him to do is put up a couple of 400 yard games or maybe even a 500.

With all that being said, no matter how well he does personally, it is likely the season will seem a like a let-down if another game appears in the loss column.

Next comes Fresno, this will be the first really big test to see how far the Broncos have come since UW. Fresno has cracked the top 25 in the US Today poll.



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4 responses to “How Boise Beat Air Force

  1. I can’t entirely agree with your assessment of the defense. In the first half, it looked like it would be a score for score game and the team that made the first – or last – mistake would lose. When Ajayi fumbled and lost the ball, I thought that was it, the mistake to end the game. Luckily, he has a short memory about fumbles and more than made up for it. The D line was porous at best in the first half, but the D line found their bearings and finally stopped up the run game. But the secondary stunk – and stunk the entire game – the AF QB picked them apart – if his receivers could have hung onto the ball once in a while this might have been a different game. Still, that was a very exciting game and glad to see our guys pull that out…

    • When a team holds another team to a field goal in the second half it can’t be blamed on dropped passes alone. I agree the d-backs need to improve, big time.
      I think those guys are a year away, but they have to show up before then, not to be irreverent, but they need a come-to-Jesus moment – meaning a complete change in thinking.
      Bear in mind the option can drive a preacher to drink. The secondary has to be poised to take over where everybody has failed in the past when coming up against the option.

      • They better have their come to jesus moment and in a hurry, if not, Derek Carr is going to rip them apart this weekend. Might help if the d line starts off early by giving Carr a no time to throw and keeping it that way throughout the game. Hoping Derek is having bad dreams about Demarcus Lawrence already…

      • My thoughts exactly.
        Thanks for reading and commenting.

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