Kellen Moore: In An Army Of Howitzers He’s A Smart Weapon

images[3]Kellen Moore is now in his second year as the third string quarterback for the Detroit Lions.

He had a good pre-season. The Lions brought in another quarterback, Thad Lewis, in the off-season. A move like that normally means they weren’t satisfied with what they had in Moore or wanted to see how another type of quarterback looked with their existing personal. Nevertheless Moore was the quarterback who shined in the preseason.

In preseason with the Lions this year in completed 62.5% of his passes with four touchdown throws, more than anyone of the Lion’s squad. He tossed only one interception and was not sacked.

In college Moore was not known for in physical prowess on the field. He was the tactician who read defenses, called the best audible, and threw to the right spot. Yet, some of my best memories of him were slipping the grasp of on-rushing lineman, blitzing linebackers, and backs. It seemed like every time he rolled left good things happened.

Moore’s first year at Boise State he was a red-shirted. When he took the field his first year it was as a fully developed and complete quarterback. The learning curve from high school to college is great, but from college to pro it is greater.

When he was in high school the major programs looked the other way. He was too slow, too short, and had no arm strength. At one school they told him to just go over to the side and throw a few balls. When he visited Boise State head coach, Chris Petersen, was impressed with his size; the problem was that Petersen was looking at Kellen’s taller baby brother, Kirby. (Nobody will draft him either.)

Boise liked what they saw. They saw something overlooked by others; heart and mind.

There is no doubt that Boise’s success and the 50 wins over his career as a starting quarterback is abundantly due to a short and immobile quarterback with less than desirable arm strength.

Kellen Moore’s college career is riddled with games where he out-played quarterbacks with more mobility and better arms. Of all the quarterbacks during the years of his college career he stands out as being the most reliable and efficient in clutch situations. He just never seemed rattled.

Players elevate their game when he’s in charge. He is the epitome of leadership. He’s the quiet unassuming guy who sits at the table and always has the good hand. The greatest generals were not always the greatest soldiers.

Moore picked up a little more zip on the ball in the off-season. He will likely add a bit more next year. Right now I’d say he is patiently waiting for his chance. Sometimes chances come to you.

Detroit has a guy, Matthew Stafford, who puts up some impressive numbers. He has a arm like a Howitzer. Wars are fought with smart weapons now. A well placed missile down an air vent has more effect than and an entire battery of Howitzers and a boxcar full of shells.

Right now Moore is absorbing data and calculating. If all Stafford can produce is numbers perhaps someone should be given an opportunity who can produce wins.

When Boise State took a chance on Kellen Moore he reciprocated. It is likely he will do the same with Detroit.



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2 responses to “Kellen Moore: In An Army Of Howitzers He’s A Smart Weapon

  1. Rod Tatsuno

    A very astute commentary. As a tune would say, “Give Kellen a chance…..”

    • Thanks for the comment, Rod.
      At first I thought Detroit would be a good fit for Moore. I thought they’d get rid of Stafford for lineman and build around Moore, but what do I know.

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