Boise State – Life After UT-Martin; A Time For Sober Reflection

In Boise they talk more about Joe Southwick's stache than Miley Cyrus's video.

In Boise they talk more about Joe Southwick’s stache than Miley Cyrus’s video.

Looking back at Boise State’s game with UT-Martin with such an offensive output it’s difficult to single out one particular outstanding performer. The giddiness of a lopsided win dissipated while players were still toweling off.

Normally such accolades for such a game are reserved for the quarterback. Other than the center he handles the ball more than anyone else.

If possible to say, Southwick had a much better day than what showed up in the final stats. There were at least four pass interference not called. In addition, there were at least three passes that should have been caught. Get the picture? Great game and Southwick has charged up the hill of the starting quarterback and firmly planted his flag.

Shane Williams-Rhodes is a nuisance to opponents. His real value is downfield pass plays. He is near impossible to cover legally. I don’t think he is the player who will put up big numbers consistently from the line of scrimmage, but he will be the guy who puts up the big numbers when big numbers are needed. I get that Chris Matthew’s warm Obama tingle up my leg every time Williams-Rhodes touches the ball. He’s easy to love (Williams-Rhodes not Obama).

Geraldo Boldewijn has emerged as a first class receiver. He’s running nice crisp routes and making catches. Likely this may be, in part, due to the attention shown to Miller – either way.

Except for two nice touchdown runs of 11 yards each from Jay Ajayi, a 50 yard run from back-up quarterback Grant Hedrick, and 38 yard run by back-up running back Charles Bertoli there is nothing to talk about as far as the ground game is concerned.

So, let’s talk about Bertoli. He’s been the buzz under the radar since spring drills. His first touch from the line of scrimmage went 38 yards. If not for a referee missing his appointment at Eyemart the week before the game that run would have gone another 18 yards for a TD. With minutes remaining in the game is Petersen going to challenge the call with a 63 – 14 lead? Who wants to be in the same class with Chip Kelly?

In one year Bertoli has worked his way from walk-on to earning playing time on the blue turf. I see him as a Wes Welker-type. He’s unassuming in presence and stature, but always carries a quiver full of stakes to pound into an opponent’s heart.

Perhaps by the end of the season Bertoli will be taking up some of duties of Williams-Rhodes and it would be nice to give him a complete possession of downs. I think he has one gear – forward.

We know Nick Patti can fling the ball now. I’ve watched enough of his high school footage and now want to see what else he can do. Grant Hedirck still looks like the back-up for Southwick, but Patti sure looked sweet. He didn’t look like a guy taking his first snaps in college ball. He looks prepared upstairs.

Without a doubt Southwick was the most impressive player on the field. Without a doubt the offensive line and defensive unit must improve by leaps and bounds. They’re performance to this point is no where near what it will take to win the Mountain West or get a good bowl bid.

Most students fail in college for not turning in assignments. At least turn in something. Boise blockers should at least put a body on somebody; they are missing assignments. It is mental not physical.

Think! Think! Think!


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