After A Boise Blow-Out There Is Work To Be Done

Shane Williams-Rhodes is quickly becoming one of the Broncos most explosive offensive weapons.

Shane Williams-Rhodes is quickly becoming one of the Broncos most explosive offensive weapons.

By the way I predicted a 49 – 0 win. Winning by 49 (63 – 14) is just as good.

Nevertheless, it’s too early to tell; to tell how good the Broncos are. The upcoming game with Air Force will be the one that will tell everybody if there was improvement from the UW game. UT Martin does not play enough major programs to do any sort of comparison.

The Broncos learned more from this game about their play than they did with UW.

At this point the defense is showing their lack of experience. Interceptions are nice and the Broncos did well, but the way drives are stopped are by plugging holes, making tackles for losses, sacking the quarterback, knocking passes down, and creating confusion. I don’t see the pursuit and numbing tackles that has characterized BSU football in the past. UT Martin also helped BSU with plenty of penalties. That’s not defense, that’s the other team’s stupidity.

I recall a couple of years ago a comment from an opponent. I don’t remember who it was, but he said, “Man, they hit harder than anybody I’ve played against.” At this point we’re just not seeing that. Hard hits make runners shy, quarterbacks release too quickly, and receivers hear footsteps.

DeMarcus Lawrence did not show up Saturday, literally. He was suspended, again. What ever it is, he’s got to get his head screwed on right. If this is all he has to give, it would be just as good to pull his scholarship and let Nick Patti have number 8 all to himself. I hope what ever ails him, he gets over it. I’m pulling for him, but he’s got to pull his own weight.

The learning curve is a short one, but arm tackles have nothing to do with learning, it‘s fundamentals.

Joe Southwick differently showed up. This game is a confidence builder, not only for Joe, but for the rest of the team and coaches. Grant Hedrick showed up too. I‘ll take one 50 yard run from him every game. Nick Patti, although not getting quality snaps, looked very good. We can’t afford to have him throw sixty yard passes that hit guys in the helmet. (Can’t believe it.)

The long quick strikes are Boise State’s offense at its best. Those are opened up by being able to control the line of scrimmage and being able to sustain a good round game if needed.

I’m a bit disappointed in the receivers. No ball should be dropped or go through the hands. They should not bounce off numbers or shoulder pads – or helmets. Yet, UT Martin’s best defensive moves against BSU receivers were holds and pass interference, both called and uncalled.

Frankly, I thought the offensive line should have looked better. They did not dominate the way they should have. There were missed blocks and assignments. The bread and butter runners, Ajayi, Baltazar, and Fields, combined for an average of less than four yards per carry. They got stuffed at the line a lot.

Charles Bertoli lit it up. I watched the replay of Bertoli’s run and I think the referee should be drug tested. After what he thought was a touchdown Bertoli was a complete class act. I always like the advice running great Jim Brown gave to a rookie, “When you score act like you’ve been there before.” Bertoli is a gamer. I want to see more of him.

There’s no complaints about a 63 – 14 dubya, but it is clear there is room for needed improvement.

Lastly, Patti, taking a knee and turning the ball over to UT-Martin was class on the part of Petersen and the entire program.


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