Don’t Take My Loom

Weaver%20on%20the%20loom-1024x768-9615[1]Daily Prompt: Luxurious

What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Things that now are called ‘necessities’ were at one time called ‘luxuries.’ This has occurred just in my life time. What is interesting is that many things started out with the attitude, “Who needs one of them?” Various hand-held communications devices come to mind.

There was a time I strapped a transistor radio to my bike and rode down the street listening to the sounds of The Everly Brothers or Del Shannon thinking I was cool.

In those days I probably couldn’t imagine life without my radio. Yet, I had an okay life before that.

Today the cell phone has become such a big part of our lives no longer thought of as a luxury. The landline will soon go by way of crank phones and party lines.

My first computer was purchased back in ‘92. It took me three years to get on the internet. The computer, to me, was a really cool typewriter. It made storage of stories and editing so much easier.

I had a DOS word-processing program called, Key WordPro. I really liked it. There were a lot of short stories written with it and my first novel.

I loaded Windows 3.1; life changed. I was sucked into the Bill Gates’ fantasy of world domination. As time went on I began using the internet to share my stories.

Likely I could survive on a remote island and do quite nicely without the internet, but removing a computer with word processing capability only, that would be difficult for me to bear. My mind is like a spinning wheel from which the yarn is spun, but the computer is the loom by which my stories are weaved.

I could be happy with just a 286 processor.



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