A Train Named “Regret”

My son and I thirty-five years ago. Wow! Where did all the time go? As soon as I find the photo with my dad and me I'll rewrite and repost.
My son and I thirty-five years ago. Wow! Where did all the time go? As soon as I find the photo with my dad and me I’ll rewrite and repost.

Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

What’s your biggest regret? How would your life have been different if you’d made another decision?

The Daily Prompt has tried several different ways to divulge a regret from me; I’ve always managed to sidestep it. I’ve taken the highroad and proudly proclaimed ‘I have no regrets.’ You and I both know life is full of regrets; admitting a regret is like admitting failure.

My son, who is now forty, will be moving before long. He and his wife are giving up many of their possessions. As they were going through some old things stored away for years he came across an electric train set I bought for him when he was five. He told me he got it out and set it up.

Immediately I said, “I wish I had mine. I sold it to my cousin when I was fourteen. It was a big mistake.”

My son replied, “I decided to give it to a little boy we know.”

Although feeling that was a decision he would regret as he got older it was his to give away. “That’s nice,” I said. “I’m sure that little boy will enjoy it as much as you did.”

As we were talking about the trains I thought about two pictures, one of me and my dad when I was about five with my train set and another of me and my son with his train set.

The next day my son called me and said he reconsidered.

“I didn’t buy it for a boy,” I said. “I bought it for when you’re a man.”

This man (me) regrets selling that train to my cousin. Although it would have been an unselfish and charitable act for my son to give the train to the little boy, each man has a little boy inside that longs for sweet memories of good times with dad.



  1. Beautiful post. I have a similar regret. I had a lovely electric train set – LNER4472 Flying Scotsman – which I bought when I was a teenager. My dad had always wanted a boy but ended up with two girls so we grew up with cars, plains and so on. After he died, I bought the train set with some money he’d left me. As I got older, and my sister had boys, I thought it would be a good idea to give the train to them. Big mistake. I have a son of my own now and he’s train mad. So much so that he’s now working with real ones. But, like you, I wish I still had that train set from all those years ago. We live and learn!

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