What Does Boise Football Have To Do With Sewage Problems?

Many feel a Boise State win will come down to the foot of the kicker, Dan Goodale.

Many feel a Boise State win will come down to the foot of the kicker, Dan Goodale.

Boise will be quiet this Saturday night except for anticipated problems with the city’s sewage system (more on that later). Boise State has its first game of the season with the University of Washington in Seattle.

Every decent citizen will be at the game in Seattle or perched in front of their TV like crows on a telephone wire.

Fans in Boise are not like fans anywhere else. They don’t take losses like a Michigan fan or Ohio State fan does. Ohio State could win a national championship and the fans will say, “But last year we lost two games.” Boise State fans move on. They know there will be a tomorrow.

A typical Ohio State fan remembers every defeat in their lifetime with clarity, but are vague about the wins. The losses are so painful.

Boise State is so used to being the underdog it is the wins they remember more than the losses. Sure the losses are tough, but the murder rate and wife-beating don’t escalate like it does in Ohio and Michigan after a loss.

Kyle Brotzman, a Boise place kicker missed a field goal that would have given Boise a win and a possible shot at the National Championship a couple of years ago. After the immediate angst he was quickly forgiven. He was remembered for all the good he did over the years. Sure there were some reported death threats, but they were from Ohio, Michigan, and California transplants.

Michigan will never forget opening game loss to Appalachian State on September 1, 2007 (I won’t let them). Ohio State doesn’t care whether they win, they just don’t want to lose; if that makes sense.

Boise State is an underdog in the upcoming game. That’s where they want to be.

Last year Boise beat Washington in the MAACO Bowl. Some might think this gives UW a revenge advantage. The only thing Boise won the score. UW pushed them around the field like a schoolyard bully. Boise knows they got beat. They have something to prove.

Home field advantage is not all it’s cracked up to be. It makes the home team overconfident.

Prognosticators and analyst alike look at games three ways from Sunday (or is that seven – same thing) for the advantage of one team over another no matter how inconsequential. It doesn’t make any difference whose birthday it is or what a quarterbacks biorhythm chart is, or which team wins the most games closest to a full moon during odd-numbered months; the best team wins. It all comes down to skill, conditioning, preparation, and motivation.

I don’t know how good Boise State is this year. I hope they are real good. Nevertheless nobody will know until the first game is over. Nobody can make an assessment on anything from the past. The only thing that is really known is that Boise and UW are two good teams.

I’m assuming Boise has remained motivated better than most in the off-season. I assume Chris Petersen is the smartest guy on both sidelines. I’m assuming Boise players have honed their skills to an art. I’m assuming they have bigger hearts.

There is a good thing about Boise, the fans, and the people; win or lose there will be no riots, fires, or cars turned over in the streets. They know how to win, they know how to lose.

The city of Boise Sewage Department has only one overwhelming concern. There will likely be at least 50,000 Bud Light drinking males who will be holding it until the final knee taken by Nick Patti. They will all rush to the john at the same time and flush within seconds of each other. The overload to the Boise sewage system will be catastrophic! For those near the river, watch the game from high ground.



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4 responses to “What Does Boise Football Have To Do With Sewage Problems?

  1. Roger

    I am not a college or professional sports fan. . . for the very reasons you enumerated. My Detroit Tigers hat came off in the childish tantrum, shameful Billy Martin days. I have since put it back on thanks to Sparky and Jim. My son-in-law and I watched the Little League Baseball finals last week and enjoyed the pure competiveness and love of the game we saw, even by the managers and coaches. If Boise is even close to being as purely driven as you indicate, my Detroit Tigers’ hat is off to all- players, coaches and citizens alike. Who knows, maybe I can become a closet Boise fan. Thanks for your candid, way-too- true perspective.

  2. No70

    Good work, Sir. Good luck tonight to our eager Broncos, and hope the pipes hold up.

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