Dicaprio Outraged, No Kenton Lewis Movie

imagesCA360CQ4Daily Prompt: Ready for Your Close-up

Cast the movie of your life. Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPERSTAR

Enough already! I don’t want awards, I don’t want to have a reality show, and I darn well don’t want a movie made of my life. There is something wrong with people who want any of that crap.

If fame and fortune come your way that’s one thing, but to bask in it as if you’re something or someone better than others is quite different.

The greatest lives lived will never be known let alone made into a movie.

I know a man who taught himself to read write so he could help others. He spent his life in the service to others and received not one cent for his efforts. He was ridiculed by many and a week later helping those who demonstrated hatred toward him. And if they’d apologetically bring it to his attention he’d embarrassingly say, “Well, we all got lessons to learn.” He is afflicted with Alzheimer’s today.

There are two actors who could have had fame a fortune, but turned it down; Teresa Graves and Gardner McKay. They had separate reasons for not pursuing fame and fortune, but died knowing that they had good and full lives.

You can’t suck up all the light; it’s elusive, although some live as if that is their sole purpose to life. There is a price to be paid from the light of flashing cameras, but sunshine is free and never loses its charge or goes dim.

Movies about other lives are a bore, but especially mine.

So Leonardo DiCaprio put down that script, I won’t consent to my life story. It is only available to those who lived it with me.



    • Maybe it’s just me and it usually is, but some of the daily prompts focus on self. I know that most blogs are personal, but, heck, I don’t want to write about myself as if I’m the center of the universe.

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