White Lies Are Whitewash 

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?

Whitewash eventually washes away, but the truth eventually comes through.
Whitewash eventually washes away, but the truth eventually comes through.

In the most technical sense writers of fiction lie. Even though a story may be based on actual events, those events are rearranged and massaged to fit a theme or disguise the real story or characters. It’s called poetic license or lying.

When thinking of all the terrible character flaws and sins that can be committed lying stands at the very top of the heap. It is used to cover other nefarious misdeeds as well.

It seems modern-day social moralists have broken lies down into degrees; bold face lies, little white lies, whoppers, stories, pulling one’s leg, and truth bending (there are many more). Some seem harmless.

Certainly there is a clear difference between telling a story (something with a moral parity) and being lighthearted or actually trying to deceive. There is always caution because the lines can and sometimes do become blurred.

Truth is perhaps the most beautiful of all things. It is to that point that we are all moving. We don’t like being given wrong directions, especially purposely.

Modern day moralists have proclaimed there is no absolute truth. It is up to each one to seek his own truth. “Your truth may be different than mine.”

Everything around us is made up of truth. Physical laws govern our existence and daily lives. An object falling from the sky follows an exact formula that does not deviate. My truth does not differ from others’. Objects transform, ignite, and change due to predetermined laws. They are predictable and we depend on the honesty of nature everyday.

It is interesting how much stock the Bible puts on telling the truth. Of all created things humans are the only ones who change the course of human events by their ability to fabricate and alter facts and truth.

The devastation of a lie is born out by the fact that it was a lie that caused mankind’s fall from God’s favor. Satan lied to Eve. “You will not die,” he said. Eve made a decision based on false information fed to her by Satan. It is more than a story with a moral parity, but if one were to be gleaned it would be that people make decisions that may result in life or death based on what one says.

A screw is said to be made to a particular specification when in fact it is not. It gives way and an engine to a passenger jet malfunctions.

The Bible places great emphasis on truth and honesty. It says at John 8:44 “YOU are from YOUR father the Devil, and YOU wish to do the desires of YOUR father. That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie].” Nearly every wicked deed comes from the deception of others or self. Not only is it imperative to be honest and not lie to others, but the same holds true when dealing with ourselves.

Trust and honesty are two great moral barometers to a person’s character. Work hard at achieving it.



  1. What would you say then about “white lies”, if someone were to ask you if they were fatter than before, would you be honest about it? There is something to be said about being blatantly honest (both of yourself and the person with whom you’re speaking with), and depending on the culture you live in that kind of thing would probably be said without prompting. But that notwithstanding, would we also want to put on make-up (since that is, in a sense, hiding ourselves…not only lying to others, but to self). Little things like that?Just a few questions – not trying to attack you or anything…these were questions that I’ve been wondering about for awhile and want to hear other people’s perspective.

    • If someone asks if they are fatter perhaps they are looking for some affirmation of other worth, but if you really want to know hop on the scales, don’t ask me. The scales won’t lie.
      Frankly, I hate it when people tell me you look fine, the extra weight looks good on you.
      Hmmm, make-up. A lie is, “I don’t wear it.”
      But your point is well taken.

  2. I have, too often, been called a liar, simply because the person I am talking to does not want to believe that I am speaking the truth. Does it still make me a liar… or the perception of one?

  3. I enjoyed your post, as always. I truly have had some struggles with this very subject the past few days! I find it so sad and frustrating, in the field that I work in lies are quite often attempted to be explained away as simply a side effect of a diagnosis. Thank you for your post. With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela

  4. There is a old saying in India ‘satyam bruyat, priyam bruyat, na bruyat satyam apriyam’ which loosely means ‘speak the truth, speak what is pleasant, but do not speak the truth which is bitter or may hurt someone’ 🙂

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