Don’t Even Your Keel With Your Heart

It takes skill and knowledge to keep the keel even.
It takes skill and knowledge to keep the keel even.

Daily Prompt: On the Edge

We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Keeping things on a even keel, hmmmm.

Likely one of the more important aspects to a successful life. The expression suggests life is like a boat, as long as the keel is even or straight up and down the boat can navigate at optimum efficiency and speed. The term suggests a skilled pilot of a vessel must know the correct way to position sails and distribute the weight of the cargo on board, not an easy task. There is more to sailing than just pulling up anchor and hoisting the sails.

If life were treated more like sailing and instructions were offered in the same way people would likely have fewer problems. They would also know how to navigate troubled waters.

It seems as though there is little guidance given on how to keep our keel level.

Think about where, today, people get such instruction. Do we have a trusted friend, relative, or a professional advisor such as a psychologists?

When problems arise and shared with a close friend or a professional how often is the advise given “follow your heart?”

If somebody gives you that advice, run the other way. If they are a professional, cancel the check. The heart is most likely what got you in the situation to begin with. If a friend led you down a dark lonely dangerous path in the middle of the night and you became lost would you trust that same friend to take you to a place of safety.

There is only one book that tells us the truth about the heart, the Bible. It tells us the heart is treacherous, deceptive, and can’t be trusted (Jeremiah 17:9) . Sometimes our heart appears to be our best friend, but it often tells us what we want to hear and what we really want to do. It has an easy job.

Keeping the keel even requires skill and work. It often times means we can’t always go with the strongest winds or currents. They can often cause or boat to a capsize or be thrust upon the rocks.

If you are so inclined read the first Psalm from the Bible. It is one of the more profound statements one can read to keep an even keel.

It is often said that the Bible is a long list of dos and don’ts. This is more often said by someone who has never read the Bible, but if that were true isn’t that really a good thing. Do you want to read something that says you can’t do everything? Equally as harmful is a book that says you can do everything. So if indeed the Bible were a book of dos and don’ts it sound pretty even keel to me.




  1. Beautifully written, and totally right. I have always followed my heart and it’s led me into many difficult situations. My head, on the other hand, is so messed up that it, also, doesn’t have the ability to steer me straight. If I can go to bed at night thinking, “that day went okay” that’s about all I can hope for. Great post 🙂

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