The Note

I’m taking a few days off. Here is an excerpt from my novel Galapagos Man.

The next day Alex reported to the headquarters of the Army detachment. He was finally assigned to an artillery battery and a bunk in a barracks.

His first night in the barracks he heard the other soldiers talk about a plane with a pilot, copilot and two civilians who took off earlier in the day crashed and were lost at sea. They were presumed dead. No wreckage was found.

Alex, again, was the only one who knew about the money.

The next day he checked the duty roster. He was scheduled for a cleaning detail at the headquarters guest rooms a few building southeast of the building where he was interrogated. He reported and was ordered to clean the guest rooms.

One of the rooms belonged to Yost.

Alex stripped the bed and began to sweep the floor. He swept underneath the bed and caught a small piece of note paper with the dust mop. He picked it up and read what was written on it;

1. Be his friend.

2.. Let him think it was all a set up.

3. Tell him Rossi was OSS.

4. Make sure he knows it‘s top secret.

5. Make sure Thurston has an accident.

Alex stashed the note in his fatigue’s pocket and collapsed into the room’s only chair. “He was going to have me killed,” Alex murmured. “That bastard.”

He was certain the order on the note was meant to go with Yost and to be carried out in the future. Except for the note Alex was certain that the only person who controlled his destiny was in a plane in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.



Blather away, if you like.

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