I Don’t Blog For Money, So Why Do I Blog?

My blog is like a river.
My blog is like a river.

Daily Prompt: Origin Story

Why did you start you blog? Is that will why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

When I started writing a blog it was satire and parody. Because of their nature it appeared as though my blog was taking a political stand.

For a while I wrote stories about my Mom and Dad. I suppose the long and short of it is that it was cathartic for me. Yet with my mother’s advancing age (100 in February) I wanted to give her a tribute of sorts.

I’ve written short stories, sports, observations, personal experiences, and what ever pops into my head that can take up a couple of paragraphs. I always envisioned my blog as someplace a person could sneak to for five minutes with their coffee between checking emails and seeing what’s new in the world.

I try to cover something that takes no more than five minutes.

Mainly I just enjoy the process of writing and arranging words and ideas. Writing is taking random thoughts and arranging them in some sort of order to inform, amuse, and entertain. Those words and ideas come out in the form of essays, satires, short stories, and Daily Prompts.

Some may write in an effort to set the world right. Yet I suspect the real reason most writers write is to set themselves right and find acceptance.

It’s sort of strange when I think about it; I want as many people as possible to read my blog, but not the extent they want to live it. In other words, I don’t want anyone to steal a hand full of candy because Kenton Lewis said it was exhilarating, yet I wouldn’t mind if someone said I didn’t steal the hand full of candy because of the bad conscience Kenton Lewis had later.

I truly contemplate the direction of my blog. I think of it as a stream or river. It goes where the contour of the land takes it. Sometime it moves with such force it is able to carve out its own way, it meanders and changes, but it moves forward. I’m always surprised at what lies around the next bend in the river.



  1. You list so many of my own reasons that it is uncanny.
    I find, though, there is a self-censorship imposed on my on-line journals. I don’t want to be so candid and personal that I leave myself vulnerable, especially when writing about religion and other personal ideas.
    In that way my book journals were freer, more helpful, more interesting. However they can’t be enriched with elements embedded from my computer resources.
    I am always disappointed when my friends don’t read my blog, or when there is no response to what I consider an especially interesting topic.
    How can it be both public, and so lonely?

  2. “Writing is taking random thoughts and arranging them in some sort of order to inform, amuse, and entertain.”

    I really like how you define writing and I completely agree with it. I strive to write for amusement and entertainment, and I use lots of witty haikus and poems to do that.

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