The State of Me is Better Than the State of You-Know-What

"M y fellow bloggers, things are okay. See you in a while. Thank you.  Whose ever last one out, turn off the lights."
“M y fellow bloggers, things are okay. See you in a while. Thank you. Whose ever last one out, turn off the lights.”

Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post. 

The Daily Prompt started on February 1st. It has stimulated me to write more and with some sense of direction. It’s given me a target for which to aim.

I’ve tried various structures to my blog, mainly for myself. Folks could give two hoots and a holler for how I do things.

On Monday’s I post something about Boise State football. I enjoy looking for what is not obvious and exploring it. Sports allows for that. It is a challenge to find the important things and separate them from the mundane. Many sports writers invent what is important. I try to discover it.

Recently, on Wednesdays, a feature has been posted entitled He Said She Said; short dialogue meant to tell an entire story in as few words as possible. As a writer, this is really enjoyable. It’s like a cat toying with a mouse. You sit and play with a few lines of dialogue until it finally submits and dies.

Fridays I have been trying my hand at a satirical look at life and news in Boise. The problem with satire is that at times you can appear sarcastic. People may take offense and that is the furthest thing from my intent. Some ideas are tossed aside. It’s better to be thoughtful and sensitive than hurtful and funny.

Sense the first of the year my novel, Galapagos Man, has taken form and is now nearly complete. I’m near the end of the final edit. Here is something I just finished:

Alex felt the warmth of sun and heard the cactus wrens chirp and watched them flutter and swoop for insects. He studied the map. Once he crossed a river just ahead of him there was about a mile and half of curved road and then about ten miles of straight road.

He stood the motorcycle and drove a short distance and waded across a calf-high water. He putted slowly along the dusty road leading from the river. He looked ahead to a dusty desolate road. He had at least one hundred and eighty miles to go. It would be like taking a ride in a hot grill. It reminded him of westerns where the cowboy trudges a hundred mile desert that no one has ever accomplished, along the way were bones of cattle and human failure. He looked to the rear and the river he just forded. A car slowed to cross. It was a green Chevy Malibu.

“They are motivated,” Alex said and gave the motorcycle gas and fishtailed away. “How did they find me?” he mumbled. “Where is a good bazooka when you need one?”

All and all so far so good .



  1. I like prompts. They take me in directions I wouldn’t go otherwise. Sometimes it works out well. Sometimes not so well. Without them, I’d post updates on the Red Sox, reviews, and photos. Unless I got an Idea I felt obliged to share with the universe. It goes to the big, bigger, biggest question: Why ARE we doing this?

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