My Computer Is Very Fragile And Emotional

Angry-computer[1]Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

So here I am trying to imagine what life would be like without my computer.

I’m thinking back to a thousand years ago; a guy runs into a small village. He’s excited. He tells of their Army’s victory in a distant land and many young village men will return as heroes. It seems in his excitement he exaggerated a bit. Many lives were lost in the victory and the victory was really a truce.

Soon people saw the need for a Town Crier who could read factual reports. It was later discovered he could read in such a way as to put emphasis on what he found appealing.

Community bulletin boards and newspapers would replace Town Criers. Yet, the emotion, prejudice, and disposition of an editor, publisher, or reporter could shade what was printed.

Emotions, no matter what, come into play.

The world in the past 175 years has gone from the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and the internet. Information speeds to our home in nanoseconds and yet it is no better than the emotion of the guy who ran into the medieval village to report a distant war.

We are still ruled and guided by the same emotions of a thousand, two thousand, three thousand years ago. The computer should not change who we are. It should tell us who we are.

The last few months I have followed the George Zimmerman trial. The media and special interest groups did much to distort or hide facts. Everything was revealed in open court. Evidence, testimony, and arguments were presented. A verdict was reached. Yet emotions prevail.

It’s caused me to do some extra research and thinking on my own.

I’ve come to this conclusion, news is best reported by those who were there, after a long walk home. Otherwise it is fueled with emotions and inaccuracies. Likely what happens a month ago and a thousand miles away will have little or no effect on anyone.

Much of our life is ruled by our own emotions, so we need to be careful not to be led by another person’s emotions.

We, ourselves, need to slow down before we hit “send” or “enter.”



  1. Someone pointed out to me today (because I had said one of my posts could have used more editing) there is not an editor or writer born who ever didn’t say “It could use more editing.” For which reason deadlines were invented. It doesn’t mean we’re wrong. It probably does need more editing … but there comes a moment when it’s time. Press PUBLISH!

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