Friendships Take Time To Germinate

Daily Prompt: A to Z

The Daily Prompt did not come today at it’s usual time. It looks like somebody fell asleep at the keyboard. In yesterday’s post I wrote a list of all my teachers. I thought about a friend from the first grade, a friend I never knew I had.

In my mid twenties I became friends with a guy named Dave. For nearly sixteen years we saw each other several times a week. Our families did things together, we fished, we helped each other with home projects, had meals together, went to amusement parks, and most of the time just hung-out.

We were the same age having a lot in common: music, Vietnam War, and knew some of the same people. We went to different high schools and for a period of time hung out at the same teenage hang-out, but our paths never crossed.

“That’s something,” I said to him one day. “That we never saw each other when we were teenagers.”

What was even amazing about our lives was that for the first six weeks of school in the first grade we went to the same school.

“Where did you live?” I asked him.

He told me.

“We lived only a mile apart!” I said. “We had to have been on the same bus.”

“We were,” Dave said and went on to tell me where I got off the bus. “I remember you.”

“That’s been over forty years ago,” I said. “You’ve known that all along and never said anything?”

“It just never came up,” Dave said. “I remember watching you every day. I wanted to be your friend, but I was too shy. Suddenly you were gone; your family moved. I knew we would become friends someday.”

It is likely we all have friendships we just don’t know exist. They are waiting for us to discover or rediscover them. There are people who want our friendship and perhaps have been friends longer than what we know.



  1. Wonderful story – very touching. It makes me truly wonder how many friendships have passed me by and how many are waiting to be discovered/rediscovered. I really connected with this piece, friendship are such a beautiful thing to cultivate and deserve constant nurturing at all times, as they make like worth living.

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