Friendships Are Lived Not Talked About

Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

My closest friend is none of anybody’s business, but for the sake of this challenge it is my wife.

She is the only one who will take my side when all others don’t see it my way and the only one to tell me I’m wrong when everyone else agrees with me. She’s where I can go for honesty. She knows when I need healed and when I’m being a heel.

I’m writing this with reluctance. I’m completing a challenge and nothing more. A closest friend is obvious. It doesn’t have to be talked about or exploited. I see no compelling reason.

We live in a time and world of insecurity. Everyone must make declarations about themselves for fear they will go unnoticed.

A person may declare, “I am honest,” or “I have integrity.” That’s exactly what crooked politicians say. It works. The guy who can declare that the most times wins an election. It makes no sense to support a process fueled by lies.

I come from a time and environment that it is difficult to make declarations or brag about themselves. It’s more important to live them. Sure, you want to feel good about yourself, but why is there a need to tell others? Why is that important?

The phrase is often uttered, “That’s not who I am,” or “That’s not what I am about.” When that is heard I always envision that person before a special Senate hearing saying, “That depends on what your definition of ‘am’ is.”

Many friendships, close acquaintances, and trusts are based on nothing more than:

“There goes Tom. He’s a good guy. I know because he told me so.”

Followed later by, “Hey, you can trust Tom, cause Pete told me so.”

Then followed by “Lets, make Tom a trustee. Pete and Frank said he’s okay.”

Eventually it comes to, “Where’s Tom. Let’s go get Pete, Frank, and Harry. They gave the okay on the crook.”

My wife is my closest friend and that is that.



  1. I like your post, and I get where you are coming from. I think it is especially interesting as it’s a totally different angle from me.

    I love telling my friends how amazing they are, and similarly I’ll tell anyone else who’ll listen how great they are too! In general most people don’t declare to be anything that they are not, and are often unaware of how awesome they are and, don’t have as much self belief as they should.

  2. “We live in a time and world of insecurity. Everyone must make declarations about themselves for fear they will go unnoticed.”
    Sometimes I think maybe that’s all blogging is. Then I read something that really makes me think (like this) and I see another angle – connection.

    Thanks. Hope you’re having a lovely day – and trite though it sounds, I mean it. 🙂

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