“Oh, Oh, Oh, I’ll Take The Jittery Goat Special!” With Recipe

Daily Prompt: You, the Sandwich

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

I like food pretty straight forward, no raz-a-ma-taz. If you’re going to get a burger it’s okay to have stuff on it, but when it’s all said and done it still has to be a burger. I figure some places have crummy burgers so they have to doll it all up with lipstick, makeup, and perfume to make it passable. (Hey, I know that sounds sexist, but more and more guys are doing it these days too.)

That’s not to say there aren’t foods that need that treatment, but some don’t and shouldn’t.

Eggs by themselves are like… well eggs by themselves. Here’s a little omelet thing I like. I call it, “Oh, Oh, Oh.” Actually three Os; Oyster Onion Omelet.

It is simple to make, but can be a bit time-consuming for a quick breakfast or meal.

Before beating two eggs and spreading them on a grill or pan have sautéed onions and breaded deep-fried oysters on hand.

Once the beaten eggs are placed on the grill or pan drop in the desired amount of onions, beaded oysters, and sprinkle with your favorite cheese. Once the eggs are cooked sufficiently fold them and allow them to cook until the eggs are solid.

Smack it between two pieces of buttered toast and go to town.

Here’s another variation. Place over an open biscuit and pour on some sausage gravy.

To really do it right dice a little garlic and sauté with the onions.

I’m gonna rant a bit. You ever notice how all those cooking show chefs have everything measured in exact proportions. That’s dumbing it down for the audience. Anybody that’s boiled anything besides water knows that no two batches of anything are exactly alike except for stuff that comes from a can. If you can’t figure out how much salt and oregano to season something with you shouldn’t light a stove by yourself anyway.

Anyway, now that you’ve read my rant, go fix an Oh, Oh, Oh.



    • Very good. Very true about the trepidation.
      I’ve cooked for years and learned it is best to season moderately. If someone insists on more of this or that I show them the spice rack.

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