Why I Write About Boise State Football

Boise State, where the turf is blue.

Boise State, where the turf is blue.

Daily Prompt: Fandom

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Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.

The first writing for any sort of audience was sports in a high school newspaper. In fact I came to appreciate sport’s writers were often the best writers in newsprint. It was their job to bring the fan from a bamboo beech house cooled by ocean breezes to the “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.”

Part of my blogging is about Boise State football.

When I moved to Boise in ‘08 I was hooked and drawn into a city that clothes itself in dark blue and orange. In the fall Wal-Mart plays a continual stream of one of Boise State’s great games from the past on a 60’ flat-screen next to a display of Boise State hats, sweatshirts, and underwear.

Writing about Boise State, although highly successful, is like writing for the consummate underdog. It’s like defending the client nobody believes.

There is this magical almost hypnotic aroma about Boise that bolsters the spirit. They take players overlooked by major college programs. The player works on his skills harder than the guys that received scholarships to larger and more prominent colleges and programs and finally receives the recognition he deserves. The list of players who were overlooked by other colleges and went to Boise State to perform at the highest possible level is staggering.

Boise State fans are young, savvy, and passionate. Yet, they are not brutal, rude, or mean-spirited to opposing fans.

They don’t have a win-at-all-cost mindset. If a player, even a key player, violates a team rule he is suspended – even it happens to be a key game. There are no exceptions. That makes Boise State special. That makes them worth writing about.

As a writer I want to see good and write about it. I sometimes see myself drifting into the negative and hypocritical attitudes and actions of the world we live in. This often leaves me cynical and sarcastic. Writing about Boise State is like seeing a therapist. It’s a diversion from that crazy nonsensical world. It simplifies life; you win because you’re better and well-prepared, you lose because you’re not as good and didn’t prepare well. Although that’s the way much of life works, it’s often turned on its ear to make what is good bad and what is bad good.

If they ever start losing I may need a therapist.

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9 responses to “Why I Write About Boise State Football

  1. No70

    CFB could be described as a BiPigskin Disorder.
    Many dramatic mood swings. Lose-Win is Yin-Yang. There’s a continual movement between the two. Each game ends and the mood settles. Writing, posting or, reading a few lines can be therapeutic and balancing. Lie back, there is room and comfort here on The Big Blue Couch.

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  4. Of course you’re writing with clear purpose, people enjoy reading writer’s writing like this. Thank you

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