Jack – Fields Of Dreams

ack FieldsJack Fields is an impressive runner.

As a true freshman last year he handled the ball 43 times for a 3.1 yard per carry average. Not impressive by any standard.

Let’s back up a bit.

Fields often appeared when the tail end of the depth chart was blocking for him; normally at the point in the game when Boise is just trying to run-out the clock by grinding it out. Having a one back set there are no surprises for the guys on the other side of the ball. Thus the 3.1 per carry doesn’t tell you much about his ability to run.

The easiest thing for a running back to do is get the ball and run. One of the more difficult tasks is to be in there in a passing situation. The back has to pick up the block or know when to come out of the backfield. When Fields is in the game it is most likely he will run. All the defense has to do is look for Jack.

His 3.1 per carry is looking a little better.

Average isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s like holding one hand in a bucket of hot coals and another in a bucket of ice and some one asks, “How ya feelin’ about now?” And you reply, “Oh, about average.”

It’s nice to have a guy who breaks one off for 40 yards, but what good is it if he runs the next three plays for a total of four yards. You have to give the ball up. But, hey, your runner has an 11 yard per carry average. Aren’t we happy! (sarcasm)

Fields is a guy who outruns other guys. He breaks tackles and doesn’t come down easy. He is uncanny at finding the hole and busting through it.

He looks like the number three running back on the depth chart for 2013 season.

Some have commented that his spring game was less than stellar. So what!

Could Fields be seen as a punt return or kick-off return man this year? He has plenty of running ability. It would be a shame to let it rest on the bench.

If Fields is given an opportunity to develop, Derrick Thomas plays to his anticipated potential, and Jay Ajayi shows up every game Boise State will be able to keep a fresh pair of legs in the backfield without losing a step.

I swear there is a voice coming from behind the clouds hanging low over the blue turf of Bronco Stadium saying, “If you let him play, he will run.”



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6 responses to “Jack – Fields Of Dreams

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  2. Would also like to point in regards to Fields in the spring game – people have pointed out that he might not have looked that good but apparently failed to notice that he was in for very few plays. According to the Statesman, he strained his shoulder and was out most of the game. Late in the 2nd quarter he was on the sidelines with pads and jersey off and he wasn’t even in the 2nd half of the game. Not the kind of game you really want a guy to get a serious injury, well there never is, but you get the point… Would be really nice this season to have experienced depth at RB that we didn’t have the season we lost to TCU. Drew Wright needing to come in and play in a manner he wasn’t quite ready for was a lot to ask of him.

    • Nice point Patrick. I’ve seen enough video of Fields to know he is an amazing back.
      In that TCU game they would have been just as effective passing. Yes an incompletion stops the clock, but a short passing game out of play action can eat up just as much clock.
      Passer drops back, looks, throws, catch is made, three guys pile on to bring him down, keep clock running.
      Hand ball to runner, gain three or four, fall down, clock keeps running.
      All seems the same to me.

      • TCU game was FAR from KM’s best game, it’s over and done but still sticks in my craw and stings like a hornet. If Doug of DJ hadn’t gotten hurt, that game might have been different. Spilled milk. Anyway, I think Jack’s breakout season will be next year, not this one, feel that is why the coaches picked up Thomas, add some experience. Hope that Jack is the next Doug Martin and not the next Jarvis Hodge – no disrespect to JH intended.

      • Yeah, I feel the same about TCU. The d-backs were young. Sure all sorts of things. bottom line TCU was better – that day and that’s the only day that counts. Just hang on to the ball!
        I’ve HS footage of Fields and he looks incredible. I hope he displays some of that here. Ajayi worries me. Great talent, but has had some problems

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