Could I Pay My Electric Bill With A Short Story?

Maybe it's just me (and usually it is), but there is no way I'd even pay a cup of coffee for this monstrosity. It's enough to turn you stomach.
Maybe it’s just me (and usually it is), but there is no way I’d even pay a cup of coffee for this monstrosity. It’s enough to turn your stomach.

Daily Prompt: Barter System

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

Man living in his most primitive, natural, and free circumstances would find himself in a bartering society and economy: two goats for one sheep, a bushel of wheat for a dozen eggs, a short story for a bag of groceries – I don’t think so.

Years ago I helped a friend who was a full time writer (He actually paid rent and bought groceries from writing). We shoveled some stone. He said, “Every now and than I have to do some honest work to let me know how good I got it.”

I can image Picasso standing on a street in Paris next to one of his cubism paintings. “This is art. It really is. It is priceless. It is for the good and edification of society. Please just a chicken to look.”

If society would suddenly transform into a bartering economy the term “starving artist” would take on existent and dramatic meaning.

“Here, over here,” Perl Buck would say. “A chapter from a novel I’m working on for a pair of shoes.”

No siree, Bob, I don’t think artists and writers would be anywhere near the top of the food chain. They might all have to find ‘honest work.’

As for me, well, most of my life I worked, manually. I was raised and worked on a farm. I cooked. I sold. I worked on docks. I machined. I cleaned toilets. I pushed brooms. There’s a lot of things I’ve done. Of all of those things they paid more than writing. Writing is truly a labor of love. I know that’s an overused phrase, but writing is truly so.

I know one thing we wouldn’t hear, “Hey, man, over here. Shhh, keep it quiet. Make sure nobody lookin‘. I give ya a ‘bag’ for a pound of roofin’ nails.”

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  1. Writing is, indeed,a labor of love! 🙂 It probably wouldn’t pay for the coffee in a bartering world, but it still would hold the possibility of changing the world for the better. 🙂 That’s something, at least. 🙂

  2. Exchanging a few random scripted thoughts for a good old ice cream cone could be an amusing thought. On the other hand, that is just about the only bartering I’d be interested in when it comes to writing. Heck, my words are mine to keep.

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