There Is Something Beyond YOU

Daily Prompt: Morality Play

Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

Several years ago I conducted a survey at my place of employment. “If you received two hours pay for time you were not at work would you report it?”

Of the fifty people surveyed only one said they would notify the company; the atheist.

Of the fifty, there was a minister. My curiosity got the best of me. Here’s the conversation.

“Carl, as a minister and one who lives his life according to Bible principles why would you take money that is not rightfully yours?” I said.

Without hesitation he said, “Everything belongs to God. It would be a blessing.”

“How can you rationalize that?” I said.

“How else can you explain it? He said.

“It’s like somebody giving you too much change,” I said.

“It’s still a blessing,” he said.

“At the end of the day when the money is counted and the cashier has to make up for the $10 dollars you got unintentionally don’t you feel bad?” I said.

“They must have done something wrong to bring that upon themselves,” he said.

I continued the conversation, but should have been shot for doing so. What is the expression? “Never argue with any one ignorant, because they will take ignorance and beat you over the head with it.”

I asked the atheist why he would report the over payment? “Because it is not mine.”

I delved deeper.

“Todd, I have to say your response has intrigued me,” I said. “Why did you answer that way?”

“There is right and there is wrong,” he said. “And neither has to be justified or explained.”

Morality comes down to possession. Who owns something whether it is an object or a law.

Immorality brings only temporary pleasure, but often long-term adverse effects to others and eventually the person committing an immoral deed. One must think beyond the moment and day. The Bible helps us to do that.

Taking a person’s property; does it belong to you?

Taking another persons life; does that life belong to you?

Sex with someone other than your spouse; does he or she belong to you? (vice versa)

Having sex before marriage; does he or she belong to you?

Even religion has wavered on the last two. Why? Because it has become too common. To be colloquial, “the Devil has done beat them.”

Some view sexual morality as an inconvenience. Look at what immorality has produced, the spread of death-dealing disease, unwanted pregnancies, unwanted children, single parent homes, homeless children, poverty, overpopulation, distrust, emotional scares, guilt, rapes and on and on.

The Bible sets a standard of ownership. Yes some have misused it, but because my mechanic chooses not to go by the owner’s manual for his car doesn’t mean I can get away with it or should nor does it mean he‘s getting away with something.

Morality comes from beyond yourself. It is concern for others. Certainly one can find the principles within a social structure, the Bible, or family, but it ultimately comes down to a person believing in something besides himself.

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  1. It bothers me a great deal when people try to justify the pain that another is feeling because “they deserved it” or “must of did something wrong.”
    I’d like to know what a child who was born with HIV did to deserve that, I’d like to know what a child starving did. What could they have done to deserve such awful fates in their very short time on Earth? Bad things happen to good people. That is just the way things are in this world, and they won’t get any better if people just assume those who are worse off did something wrong.

  2. A quite likely scenario. Even so, it could be argued that many religious people would have been honest, and that the morality shown by the atheist had been developed over centuries by religious thinking?

  3. very insightful.
    Morality does not come from belonging to a certain ‘faith’.
    Morality goes deeper than that. As human beings, we sometimes wear ‘faith’ on our sleeves, as a show piece.
    Alas, that really is ignorance.
    “Never argue with any one ignorant, because they will take ignorance and beat you over the head with it.”
    That totally made me smile. and I totally agree – it will be a waste of time … 🙂
    But I guess, we can always try …

    • It is difficult for me to let go of what you have said.
      There is a certain logic to your statements; People do not have to have faith to be moral. The Bible says that also. (Romans 2:2:14, 15) It even states that their were those while claiming the be Christian and have faith were leading their lives worse than those who were not. (1st Corinthians 5:1)
      True Christianity should make everyone who practices it better in that they live their life not for self, but to do God’s will. (Matthew 7:21-23)
      In spite of that, those who practiced Christianity shortly after the death of Jesus were convinced they were the only ones observing the true faith, they were cautious not to be arrogant or braggarts. (James 3:13-18) They were a humble association of teachers. (2nd Timothy 2:24)
      The Bible sets forth moral principles that are tried and true. Those principles are universal. The Bible is a place to go where they can be found. But far more importantly, a person can read deeply into the Bible and discern the Creator’s thinking. For example many struggle when something comes along that tests conventional morality. One knowledgeable of God’s thinking and principles can easily determine right from wrong. What I’m getting at is that the Bible can provide a solid foundation on which to build ones life.
      Without considering the parenthesized scriptural references my statements my be construed as my opinion only. Please take time to consider them.

      • Ah well. thanks for that detailed explanation from the Bible.
        Let me also add that I believe any religion in the world only teaches morality and the ultimate goal is that.
        I find all religions beautiful.
        If you take a moment to look at the Quran, you will find the exact same messages – the difference being the time-frame – if I may say that. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emerged from the same branch of faith.
        God is the same.
        While religion teaches morality, the right and the wrong, us the human race misinterprets it and one tries to act superior over the other – ending up wearing religion on the sleeve creating divides where divides should not be 🙂

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