Peppermint Patti – Cool And Refreshing

Nick Patti, ready to be great.

Nick Patti, ready to be great.

Everyone is waiting for the Nick Patti era to begin. Where he actually stands in his development as a Division 1 quarterback only real game experience will tell. He has yet to take a college snap.

Although at this stage of his development he has earned the respect of his teammates being named Scout Team Player of the Year last year. That is a big one. That’s where he stands with one of the most successful college football programs in the nation.

Many said that he would replace Southwick last year when the Boise State offense was sputtering. I have no idea where anybody got the information that he was somehow better than Southwick. He was virtually unproven.

Many now figure he is the heir apparent to the Boise State football legacy.

Make no mistake about it, this guy is a great player. He has football instincts and leadership aptitude. He throws a really good ball, I mean really good ball. In addition he runs well. He’s crafty and slippery. He has everything it takes to be great in Division 1. He reminds me of Russell Wilson, but throws better.

While in high school he was considered one of the nations top high school quarterbacks.

He is the kind of quarterback that when the going gets tough he pulls off miracles.

He’s 5’10”. So what! I don’t think that means didly squat. That means the defense can’t read his eyes or find him. That means he ducks under the arms of 6’5” defensive linemen. That means he’s been called undersize most of his life and has chip on his shoulder – right where you want it.

He has under 4.6 speed. Not a blazer, but enough to outrun seven or eight guys on the other side of the ball. He is not afraid to take a hit or give one. It looks like he wants to punish anyone who tries to put him down. I see a lot of Tylenol in his future.

Enough was not seen of him in the Spring game to indicate anything. He left the game in the first half with an shoulder injury.

Will the four months from Spring to Fall drills mature him enough to take over the starting position? We can only be assured of one thing, the best man will be behind the center come August 31st.

At this point the indication is that there is a real struggle for the back-up position at quarterback with Grant Hedrick.

Nick Patti is like an uninvited guest – in a good way. He shows up you let him in. You soon find out he’s the life of the party. In fact, without him there would be no party. Soon you realize you’re glad you let him in. You don’t want him to leave. He moves in with you and the next thing you know you’re kids are calling him Daddy Nick. When the kids ask you to do something you tell them, “Go ask Daddy Nick.“ Once Patti gets in the game it’s going to be hard to imagine him with headsets and on the sidelines ever again.

Not this Peppermint Patty.

Not this Peppermint Patty.

Now go out and buy a York’s Peppermint Patty. Take a bite. Remember that burst of mint the first time Nick Patti trots onto the blue turf.

I’m buying a bag of those little Peppermint Patties and every time he tosses a touch down I’m having one; beer or not.

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4 responses to “Peppermint Patti – Cool And Refreshing

  1. No70

    I would like to see him get a few quality snaps behind Southwick this year. The read option with Patti & Ajayi could be a wondrous sight.

    • Me too. I don’t like to put a lot of hopes in a guy unproven, but this guy looks like a gamer. Next year there will be four good quarterbacks on the roster; Hedrick, Patti, Finley, and Green. It will be tough to keep them happy and focused.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Robert

    One more year of Swick, and then we will see. Boise State has a lot of REALLY good competition coming in. Not drinking the Koolaid yet. “In Coach Pete I trust” is my motto. I do think Patti will pan out, and I sure hope he does!

    • I, too, have this sinking feeling. I really want Patti to do well, but I want to see him in a game.
      Never liked Koolaid anyway.
      Pete is rare. It is clear to me, that let’s say, if he coached at Auburn when they had Newton. Newton breaks team rules before the Alabama game and suspends him. Auburn loses. Pete would be dead. Football is ahead of honor in those places.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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