“North by Northwestern;” Reality Without The Drama

The Hansen brothers and the Northwestern.
The Hansen brothers and the Northwestern.

Daily Prompt: Bookworm

Tell us about the last book you read (Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it?). To go further, write a post based on its subject matter.

Reality shows are about drama; drama over what is petty. They are a short course in bad manners, poor social skills, and lack of civility. It’s difficult for me to conceive anyone I know who would be upset that my nose job was medical or cosmetic.

A few years ago the hosts of a well known talk show were in a snit because one of the co-hosts had a surgical procedure to lose weight and did not inform them. “They felt betrayed,” because she kept the procedure a secret. (I can’t believe I’m writing about it.)

Just before the discussion about the ‘betrayal’ they were discussing national and world issues that actually guide the thinking of millions. Frankly, it is the audience who is betrayed – well maybe not. They may deserve each other.

Yet, I have to admit there is one reality program I really like and seldom miss; Deadliest Catch. Likely it is because I am a man. There is little doubt that there are ‘staged’ events, but not incredulous. You are not going to see an episode where two crab boat captains show up at the local watering hole wearing the same boots and a hissy fit ensues. Your will not see the season finale sit-down episode with Mike Rowe asking, “Junior, what were you thinking going into a bar with the same boots as Wild Bill?”

The program, to me, is the men, the boats, the sea, and the hard work.

My son sent the book North by Northwestern. It was the story of the Hansen family who own the Northwestern crab boat. It’s not a riveting book. It’s just a story of a hard working family. Their idea of higher education is a trade school. Love and passion, not emotions rule their lives. Loyalty is more than a word.

Their lives are not a show down with lawyers and publicists. It is with the sea and death or at the least injury. There is no room for hypocrisy in their world. The sea is exact. It is like invading any enemy’s land to find food for your family and escaping before he is aware. If you are caught, you are executed – period. Yet the Hansen family deal with it as if having the tires rotated or the furnace filter changed.

That’s not the last book I read, but it is the one that left me thinking the most.

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  1. Mine is “Swamp People” namely because I was raised about 150 miles from where the filmed the series. But they never show the idiots who think that hunting alligators is easy. They are the ones that come up missing and exhausting the game wardens in fruitless searches!

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