The Person of the Year; And It Ain’t You

Time Magazine's 1938 Person of the Year. Likely nominated by Joseph Goebbels, but I want to know who voted for him?
Time Magazine’s 1938 Person of the Year. Likely nominated by Joseph Goebbels, but I want to know who voted for him?

Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year was born out of a time when people, in general, were gullible to think that such a designation meant something.

The designation today assumes people care. It really only indicates how out of touch with reality Time is with the world and the public.

A quick survey of past Person’s of the Year show a bias against women: only four woman and one of them was Wallis Simpson. I know, Wallis who?

Some were truly evil and despotic people; Hitler, Khrushchev, and Stalin. Stalin was so good they named him twice. Two were Presidents who disgraced the office, Nixon and Clinton. One was nominated and named for doing nothing other than winning an election; Obama. One was a general who was likely responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands while losing a war; Westmoreland. This is just a sampling. With the exception of a few, those selected were responsible for much bad, yet selected on the basis that, at least, the good outweighed the bad.

The whole Person of the Year thing is like the cutest couple contest in high school; give them another twenty years they’ll be fat, ugly, miserable, and nobody will be able to recognize them. It’s all high-school-Harry stuff.

I suppose to play along with this silly exercise I should nominate somebody. It’s a guy or a gal who gets up every morning, goes to work, and comes home. They pay their taxes, mow their lawns, feeds the birds, smiles at strangers, reads to their kids, pays their bills, charitable, kind, compassionate, doesn’t blast their stereo, looks out for their neighbor, doesn’t take what is not theirs, never marched in protest, obeys the laws, bathes frequently, doesn’t do anything to their body that nature or God had not intended, bends over to pick up litter, and doesn‘t think they‘re the center of the universe.

That leaves just me and you and you can’t vote, so there!

Just joking; my wife, my kids, my friends.

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  1. Liked your conclusion about the best nominee, but the set-up (glimpse of past nominees with editorial comments) was essential to delivering the punchline (GREAT set up!!!)

  2. Very good! I have similar thoughts by I couldn’t express myself so brilliantly. I agree with your conclusion.

  3. Now you might understand why I picked Yoda as I felt Time needs all the help they can get…Love your article, great as always…Just keep the greatness coming…Thank you for sharing with your readers 🙂

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