Take The Power And Shove It

There is definitely a gender bias here. There ought to be a law.
There is definitely a gender bias here. There ought to be a law.

Daily Prompt: You’ve Got the Power

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

If you’ve come here to read about the one law that will make everyone love each other and get along, you may as well go someplace else.

This Daily Prompt likely comes from the expression after some aggravating circumstance, “There oughta be a law.”

Usually we have been personally inconvenienced. Enough people are personally inconvenienced and they get together. They frame a law and pass a law that benefits them, but harms, infringes, or impinges on the rights of others. Those people then do the same thing. Now you have dueling laws instead of banjos.

No, I’m not falling for this one, there are already plenty of laws. You’ve probably heard the expression locks are made to keep honest people out. Well, laws are made to restrict the rights of good people. Sure there are good laws. I don’t argue that, like 20 MPH in a school zone.

At one time abortions were illegal. It was a reflection of how a society, at large, viewed life and the potential of a human endeavor. The law was not only motivated by religious tenants, but reason and logic.

All the sudden everybody got smarter. Is it really a life? When does it become a life? Don’t I have the right to exercise the rights over my own body? Sex became a right with no responsibly or consequences. Evil men ran away from pregnant and destitute women so why not level the playing field.

(We have too many kids. Let’s get rid of speed limit signs in school zones. Let’s do it for future generations.)

Some laws are meant to level the playing field.

Laws meant to level the playing field often have a reverse effect. Many laws were enacted to assure equal rights for minorities and females. There are laws for affirmative action, hate crimes, school busing, and so on. The laws are well-intentioned, but all can produce a negative effect.

We now have reverse discrimination legal cases, where the plaintiff claims to have been passed over for a job because he is qualified and in the majority. It seems hardly fair to him. All the sudden the playing field is tilted.

Hate crimes are framed to additionally punish someone for a particular hatred one might display toward a race, religion, culture, or sexual orientation. I hope to never hit a car that has a rainbow sticker on it. “Your honor it is obvious Mr. Lewis was aiming for my clients car. At the same time the collision occurred he was listening to a right-wing talk show.”

I suppose school busing had benefits, but most were enjoyed by the companies that built school buses and it provided a bunch of part-time jobs. How many kids were picked up before dark, transported an hour and a half to a strange location, and dropped off back home just as the sun set?

Crooks like laws. It’s opportunity to make money. Every law makes money. It’s like a cash crop. It keeps lawyers, judges, and court personnel employed. It provides cash for government in the way of fines.

No, not me, I don’t want to make laws. I don’t want to be a part of a crime syndicate.

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  1. Ha, ha, good post. My post was about nosy people, I don’t think that qualifies me as being drunk with power. Most of my posts are about stupid laws that take people’s rights away. So with most of what you said I agree with. Stop by…

  2. At the risk of pointing out that, humor aside, good has come out of laws … Busing, possibly the biggest news story to come out of Boston and which my husband covered as a reporter (2 Emmys worth) … did correct an ongoing injustice. Now the schools are integrated and mediocre, as opposed to crappy in minority neighborhoods and good in white, richer neighborhoods. Is that an imporvement? Yes, it is. In the past, all the resources were used by richer white neighborhoods and none went to poorer neighborhoods where they were desparately needed. How about that Civil Right amendment? It changed the face of the country.

    There is injustice that can and should be addressed by laws. Of course, if we enforced existing laws, a lot of new laws wouldn’t be necessary. You should not need busing to enforce school equality. We shouldn’t need a civil rights or equal rights amendment at all. Common sense and fairness should make them unnecessary. But people aren’t fair and they don’t share the wealth unless forced to do so at gunpoint. What does that say about us as a species?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with you. Good people don’t need laws. I used busing as an example of how much money is wasted to implement laws. It is a perverse world that needs laws for every human endeavor. Yet there is indeed a need.
      Yet at the same time holding people at gunpoint to share what they have earned is not my idea of a place I want to live either.
      The truth is nothing is fair. No laws can make things fair. Sharing the wealth is not fair. It’s not fair to the guy who works hard. Giving to those in need is charitable, but to perpetually support a person is evil. It creates a useless member to society and diminishes is personnel value.

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