What Do Pigs Know That Humans Don’t?

Daily Prompt: Take Care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

Animals sense danger. It is a built-in protection that allows for the survival of their species. Animals ignore the signs of dangers all the time. How often have we heard the expression, “The deer in the headlights look?”

Just as with animals humans are born quite innocent of the dangers around them. It takes training and care to raise a cub, a pup, a kitten, or child. Time is needed to instruct young ones of a species on how to deal with danger. For the animal kingdom it is mostly instinct, but for humans it is reason and logic.

Humans are the only species who will put themselves in harm’s way for the mere thrill. They know the possibilities and yet pursue danger. The entire theme park industry is built on that premise; to bring you as close to destruction as possible and snatch you from the jaws of death.

A guy ties a bungee cord to a bridge that spans a gorge. He ties two hundred pound weight to it and executes a practice drop. The cord stretches with the weight and comes twenty-five feet from the rocks three-hundred feet below.

He can’t wait to try it.

With the test jump complete he straps the cord around his ankles and heaves himself over the side of the bridge. The thrill is exhilarating. He is confident his one hundred and seventy-five pounds will allow for plenty of clearance. The cord stretches out. He comes to within thirty feet of the rocks. He thinks, ’Wow! What a rush.” He bounces a few times. As he does he has time to reflect on the joy of the experience and execution. He smiles not only because he cheated death, but he is smart.

Everything worked just as he had reasoned and calculated.

Soon the bouncing stops. Then he suddenly realizes a fatal flaw in his assessment of the entire escapade; he brought no one to reel him in or hoist him up.

“Hello! Hello! Can anyone hear me up there?”

The point is that asking for help and having it available should be a part of the contingency.

You seldom see a pig dangling alone from a bungee cord. They always have a spotter.

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