Whose Buried In Grant’s Tomb? Not The Grant We Know

As a backup, don't take him for granted.

As a backup, don’t take him for granted.

It appears at this point Grant Hedrick is Joe Southwick’s back-up at quarterback. He’s a good one and he ain’t dead.

He’s quick and has a good arm. He throws comfortably and accurately while moving to his left, a difficult feat for a right hander. He has the desire to compete written all over him.

There is something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe because he’s off the radar, I don’t know, but he appears to have talent that is ready to be displayed.

When he shows up in the backfield nobody knows what is going to happen. I don’t even think he knows. I’m not sure even Petersen knows. That’s really what the option is all about anyway.

Thus far Hedrick has not had an opportunity to put up some numbers from the option. A good option quarterback is rare. It takes time to develop. He reads on the fly not from the comfort of an upright position looking over the defensive lineup.

The question is what if Southwick goes down with an injury can he step in? That is a situation Boise has not faced in recent memory.

Unlike his back-up predecessor (Southwick with Moore) he is getting real game experience. Southwick only came in to mop-up. Hedrick has sometimes been inserted when the game is still in reach for the opponent. That is crucial in his development to step in if needed. It’s better to have defensive lineman bull-rushing than just trying not to get hurt and make it to the showers.

Last week I mentioned about Coach Petersen announcing the play book has been trimmed. I thought that was misinformation. This may be where Hedrick comes in. When he comes into the game a whole new package of plays comes in with him. ‘The playbook’ has been trimmed, but they may have another playbook.

If that is so, Hedrick will bring an exciting dynamic to the Boise State offense. Of course, the best surprise is no surprise at all. What I mean is here comes Hedrick. The other guys are expecting some sort of zipity do dah. They shuffle defense like a street corner shell game shyster trying to hide the pea. What they get is a quarterback who drops straight back and launches a bomb to a wide receiver whose only deceptive move is sudden eye movement; nothing fancy at all.

The obvious is his inexperience. He also has happy feet. That may have more to do with how he is used, but it would be nice to see him in the pocket.

He’s the guy in the middle that everyone (fans and media) seem to overlook. It seems like many can’t wait to get Southwick out of the way so that Patti can take over. Everyone is forgetting Grant Hedrick.

Many are predicting the burial of Grant Hedrick into a permanent backup position. Some people refuse to give up and die. Who knows? It may be General Grant (Hedrick) who leads Boise State in the absence of Joe Southwick.

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